Freezable Bras Will Keep Your Coconuts Cool All Summer Long

Ah, summer.

'Tis the season for greasy, sunscreen-coated limbs, scalding-hot leather car seats, and boob sweat, glorious boob sweat, all the live-long-day.

There's truly nothing better than walking around for hours, blissfully ignorant of the intense heat gathering right on your chest, only to later catch a glimpse of your reflection and realize you've been sporting some serious sweat stains right below your boulder-holder.

Guys, it's the middle of summer, and that sun isn't ready to slow down any time soon.

Parts of the world are experiencing some of the hottest days on record, like the UK that just had its hottest day in history with a record-breaking 40.6C.

So I suggest that we all take action and fight back with the the best product possible, especially those of us who are prone to sweating in some pretty embarrassing places.

At some point or another, we've all thought about shoving ice packs inside our bras.

Well, you could definitely do that. Or, you could invest in these freezable bras from Polar Products that offer you quick heat relief right where you need it most!

According to LADBible, this product is marketed as "Cool58 Bra Coolers" and it's actually a set of freezable inserts that you stick inside your bra.

According to the Polar Products website, this fancy invention is "stylish and discreet".

Polar Products

Each cooling pack fits into a cotton pocket that's reusable and machine washable, and freezes at a "moderate and comfortable" temperature of 58° F (14.4° C).

Thanks to the nondescript covers, no one will be able to tell what you're hiding inside these lovely pockets and subsequently inside your bra.

Using these bra coolers is incredibly easy and basically the same process as freezing any other ice pack.

Polar Products

The company says that they can be activated via freezer or refrigerator. But don't worry if you don't have one of these readily available. You can also use ice water if you're in a pinch by submerging the packs for 20 minutes.

If you want to grab one for yourself, it'll cost you $37.11 for a set of two.

If you're particularly blessed in the chest area and wear a cup size above a D, you'll get a double set. A, B, and C cups only need a single.

According to the reviews, people are supremely happy with their boob coolers, with one user writing, "I used the bra coolers the first day that I got them. Texas had already reached at least 100 that week. Best purchase I have made. I would recommend to any female."

So if you're looking to avoid some embarrassing boob sweat and keep comfortably cool this summer, I'd suggest investing in some nifty ice packs for your bosom.

h/t: LADBible

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