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15+ Things That Almost Seem Like They Shouldn't Be Possible

It's good to maintain a healthy skepticism about the world we live in. But it's also good to allow your mind to be slightly blown from time to time.

If you're prepared, let's step into the world of technically possible impossibilities.

Hare Jordan.

Reddit | TdsKid9000

Google Street View captures all kinds of wacky things on camera, but this might be a first.

This leaping (flying?) hare looks like it's on a trajectory to leave Earth's atmosphere.


Reddit | random-ink

Black bears are adept tree climbers, but this is something else entirely.

There are, like, a dozen bears on this tree. It's like the freakin' country bears Jamberoo out here.

Flashy muzzle flash.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

Watching gunfire in extreme slow motion is satisfying to watch.

The muzzle flare is slowed right down, allowing you to see how it really looks. Apparently, Desert Eagles create golden rings.

It's okay, I was leaving.

Reddit | Kaiji700m

Not only does this goat have a totally rad wizard beard, it also has four horns.

For those keeping score at home, that's two more horns than we're used to seeing.

When the prism doesn't quite work.

Reddit | mozyx

You're looking at a rainbow next to a lightning strike.

You might notice the rainbow is looking, well, a lot less rainbow-y than we're used to. I have no idea what causes a redbow like this one.

I'd feel bad eating it.

Reddit | kintamaislove

Cherries are a delightful addition to any summer picnic, but one look at this cherry that apparently used to be a baby duck before it was transformed is enough to make me put the basket away.

V A P O R W A V E.

Reddit | dominator174

This photo looks otherworldly — like it was taken in broad daylight, then tweaked with all the Instagram filters.

It's actually untouched and was shot in the middle of the night, at the exact moment of a lightning strike nearby.

(Almost) lighter than air.

Reddit | ImaAnimal

If you haven't read up on carbon nanotubes, do that up immediately, because they're freakin' incredible.

These materials are super strong and super light. Here we see them barely obeying the laws of gravity.

I want to believe.

Reddit | vanfullamidgets

Make fun of the "storm Area 51" plan all you want, but this is why people want to do it.

The government is telling us aliens don't exist. Meanwhile, they're carting straight-up flying saucers down the highway.

Close call.

Reddit | Childofdust90

It seems weird that wildfires could dump a giant boulder on a front porch, but that's exactly what's happened here.

This boulder was held in place by a tree that burned down, freeing it up to roll down the street.

When Reddit is life.

Reddit | PeeFlapper

This guy is Redditing even though he has debilitating pain in his neck.

My neck feels fine, but I think I'm going to try this out all the same.

When it just isn't your day.

Reddit | CheekyWampa

Vending machines can screw you over in all sorts of ways.

But usually, by the time you've bought a second item to dislodge the first, things work themselves out. Not this time.


Reddit | VerySquishyPotato

If not for the flowers, this desert would look as arid and lifeless as the surface of the moon.

It's incredible that these flowers are able to eke out an existence in such an inhospitable place.

Chicago's three highest points.

Reddit | dhruveishp

What are the odds that three lightning strikes would hit Chicago's three tallest buildings, all at the same time?

What are the odds that this would happen and someone would be able to capture it on camera?

This is one picture.

Reddit | ----Aaron----

If this photograph wasn't taken at an angle, it would look unspectacular.

But tilting it and arranging it so low light and bright light are separated by a vertical axis puts it on another level.


Reddit | [deleted]

Elon Musk was born in 1971. But this 1953 book, The Mars Project by Werner Von Braun, literally says that the leader of Mars should be called "Elon".

It's not like it's a common name.

I don't trust the carrot farmers anymore.

Reddit | rambo_lincoln_

I'm not saying that this finger-looking carrot is anything but a carrot that looks suspiciously like a finger.

But I'd leave it alone all the same. Nobody wants to be accused of cannibalism.

Swanky snake.

Reddit | BirdPlan

Poisonous snakes and lizards are often brightly colored, as a means of warning potential foes.

This snake must be extra-deadly because it features pretty much every color of the rainbow.

I expect consistency.

Reddit | The_Klopps_Bollocks

In this era of automation, where millions of identical products can be mass-produced, errors like this are almost charming.

Like, how did the paper plate people let this one slip by?

Oh thank heaven.

Reddit | sulav23

This is pretty much the coolest coincidence ever.

7-Eleven should get some good press by giving this baby a lifetime supply of Slurpees and suspicious, lukewarm hot dogs.

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