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15+ People Having Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days

Ryan Ford 23 Jul 2019

It never rains but it pours, right? We've all been there, when everything seems to go wrong at the worst possible time. But there are snafus to your day that you can deal with and move on from, and then there are the real whoppers that throw everything off.

That's a recipe for a horrible, no good, very bad day.

1. This is why you should always get a cup of coffee into you before breakfast.

Reddit | bringbackflipphones

When you're still half-asleep, who knows how many bites it will take you to realize that ants have gotten into your cereal?

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2. Ah, the coveted shaded parking spot.

Reddit | TrevDawg1998

So, this car will at least be cool inside when the owner gets back to find their windshield caved in.

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3. Would you rather have a branch fall on your windshield, or this?

Reddit | Le_Rat_Mort

And this person didn't even park under a tree, just a lamp post that was home to "a couple of pelicans." I suspect it was more than a couple, or they were particularly ill pelicans.

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4. This shattered solar panel wouldn't be nearly as tragic if it wasn't also brand new and freshly installed.

Reddit | zopilord

What goes up must come down, and that includes bullets, even when they're fired into the air in celebration.

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5. When the cat has to go, the cat has to go.

Reddit | 8080x

And if the door to the room with the litter box is closed, it will find a way, like maybe tearing open a litter bag and going for it. Although, in my experience, they usually just go anywhere.

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6. When your dog wants a second career in Kool-Aid commercials.

Reddit | SpaceWalker2050

Or when he's just such a good boy with an urgent message of love and he won't be denied entry to your good graces.

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7. Not exactly as advertised.

Reddit | badluckbish

No, not even remotely as advertised. Unless this took a detour through an active volcano, I don't even see how that happens.

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8. This person's friend gave out "friendship awards."

Reddit | Zesty_Italiano

I'm not sure that wasn't actually more of a friendship roast than an awards presentation.

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9. Well, that's an awkward thing to find in the airport bathroom.

Reddit | czmax

Even more awkward? According to the boarding pass, that flight had already departed. Yeah, that's the kind of mistake you don't make twice.

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10. What's the secret to good comedy? Timing.

Reddit | mikeytwocakes

Also the secret to good photography. I mean, that's a keeper right there. What are the odds?

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11. Nothing like a nine-hour family car ride to Mount Rushmore to make some memories together.

Reddit | ZimbleGoat

And here's hoping they're some vivid memories, because the pics leave a little something to be desired.

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12. Mind you, they're not alone.

Reddit | peachyypit

I guess when you're near South Dakota, you try your best to see the big monument, even taking a three-hour detour. So much for that.

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13. And neither of those have anything on the scenery at Machu Picchu.

Reddit | JSlasha88

You know, the one that takes a muddy four-day hike to reach?

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14. I guess that's one way to get out of mowing the lawn.

Reddit | H1landr

Kind of drastic if you ask me. Although, considering how hot this summer has been, I wouldn't be surprised if that mower just burst into flames all by itself.

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15. As bad as losing a lawnmower to flames is, this is much worse.

Reddit | pxb006

You have to hope this mail carrier was at the end of their route, not the start, otherwise a whole lot of people's mail just went up in smoke.

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16. And then there's this house on fire to the point where all you can do is stand there and watch your dreams burn.

Reddit | Stormmmo

Looks like a very nice house, too, with well tended lawns and a beautiful driveway. Thankfully, everyone made it out okay.

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17. That's...actually kind of impressive.

Reddit | TheGreatBugle

I'm sure nobody is happier than the fly, though. I can already hear the annoying buzzes of joy and relief.

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18. That's not how keys are supposed to work.

Reddit | Ostrantula

And it represents what looks like a much more complicated fix than anybody needs first thing in the morning.

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19. And this is not how overpasses are supposed to work.

Reddit | janx2k14

The water is supposed to go underneath, right? And yet the streets below look blissfully clear.

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20. Ow ow ow ow ow.

Reddit | HolySleetBalls

And also, how how how how how does something like that happen?

But hey, good news, I have a new nightmare thanks to this poor person.

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21. No good deed goes unpunished.

Reddit | sperko818

This person was just trying to donate plasma. "The return blood went into my arm instead of back into the vein," they wrote. "I'm actually surprised how much it hurts."

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22. The supervisor will not be happy about this.

Reddit | Hibernationed

Gambling on the amount of clearance a truck has is tough, but not as tough as the price tag attached for losing.

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23. The thing about hard lessons is that they tend to stick.

Reddit | TempleOfDogs

For example, this person won't be dousing their oven-hot chicken with cold beer again any time soon.

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24. At least he can laugh about it.

Reddit | GogoSchmitt

Mamma mia, that's a mess and a half. And who wants to be the person who has to mop up 25 bottles worth of olive oil? That'll be a slip-and-fall area for a month.

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25. Curiosity killed the cat, and looks like it maimed this guy.

Reddit | sethwillo

I don't know how else you end up with a forehead full of porcupine quills. I guess he can be lucky that they all avoided his eyes, if nothing else.

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26. Does Superman have a grudge against this company?

Reddit | CovMuayThai

Because five vans had their engines stolen in one night. Five! And engines are not easy to just remove and take off with.

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27. Oh, Diego, Diego, Diego...

Twitter | @RealDiegoFranco

Man, I feel for the guy. He's never going to live this down. Twenty years from now, he'll jolt himself awake just as he's falling asleep, thinking about the time he got the day of his final exam mixed up.

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28. Young artists are always looking for the right canvas.

Reddit | scoobie-doobie-doo

Unfortunately, this shiny white car looked like much too tempting a canvas for some crayon-wielding toddlers. So, good luck with that.

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29. Snack time is officially over.

Reddit | NCfartstorm

For the foreseeable future, too. Opening up a bag of beef jerky and finding it coated in a fine gray dust is enough to destroy your appetite for weeks.

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30. Okay, this should be illegal.

Reddit | lidkana

Just booking one of those low, low $$99 a night rates for an Airbnb pretty much ruined this person's vacation before it even started. No way should a $99 room add up to more than $700 — and how the heck is a "cleaning fee" more than the actual room rate?

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