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Twitter Is Blowing Up Over Nick Jonas' 'Love Handles' And It's Kinda Weird

Someone get the internet some water because they are thirsty AF right now for Nick Jonas.

The singer was spotted with a "dad bod" while on vacay this past weekend and, well, Twitter can't handle it.

Just weeks after "Aquaman" actor Jason Momoa was dubbed as having a "dad bod," the internet is at it again.

This time with Nick Jonas.

We've loved the singer since his early Jonas Brothers days.

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Back then, he was just like any other adorable yet scrawny teen.

As a Jo-Bro stan, my favorite has always been Nick.

I;m talking waaaay before he was known for his super fit bod!!!!!!

And then all the sudden, it was like *bam* hello, abs.

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Who can forget this insane pic from 2013? WILD.

His solo career gave Nick a chance to shine and be smexy and we loved that for him.

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Seriously, I just need a sec!!!!

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Okay. So, yeah, Nick Jonas is hot.

Thanks to the internet, we have a whole new side of this stud to appreciate.

At least, according to Twitter.

Twitter has been blowing up over pictures from his Miami trip this past weekend with wife, Priyanka Chopra.

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If you didn't know, the pair got hitched this past December after a four-month engagement.

Nick and Priyanka have been living in newly wed bliss and I've LOVING their content lately.

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Two gorgeous, talented, SMART people in love? Absolutely!

This trip to Miami has been a BIT different, though.

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A certain few pics of Nick have been released and let's just say the reactions have been borderline insane.

These pics of Nick showering have gone viral because um hello, he looks amazing!!!!!

Millions of others seem to think so, too.

The thirst from fans has been unreal.

They've been saying that he now has a "dad bod", and the word "thicc" has been thrown around a lot.

His "love handles" were also having a moment.

Yeah, that's not creepy at all...

I'm wondering how Priyanka thinks about all this.

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I'm sure she's just as obsessed as we are.

But she's prolly also like back-off, weirdos.

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As I would be if Nick J was my man.

I'm also thinking that the thirsting might be a bit too much.

What if he's actually self-conscious about everyone saying he has a "dad bod"?

If anyone took a pic of me bathing in a swim suit rn I'd have to enter the witness protection program.

I can't imagine what this is like for him!

People are calling him "thicc."

And again, he looks FANTASTIC.

Besides Momoa — and now Jonas — other celebs who have rocked the "dad bod" include Chris Pratt and Thor from "Avengers: End Game".

The thirst was real for those fellas, too.

Now wouldn't it be ~fabulous~ if people started embracing women's bodies like this????

GUYS I KNOW, that's a whole other issues we don't have time for today, but just a thought!!!!!!

What's next, grandpa bod?

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Given all the celeb face filters, that could just be the next sexy trend.

BUT GUESS WHAT, I bet the Internet would love a Nick Jonas grandpa bod.

And we love that for him.

What's your take on the "dad bod"?

And the thirst for Nick: flattering or creepy?