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Former Trump Adviser Gorka Thinks 'Whole Trans Thing Started With Teletubbies'

Sydney Brooman 23 Jul 2019

This week has been absolutely wild and it's only Tuesday.

Let me introduce you to Sebastian Gorka—the source of our melancholic Tuesday energy.

Gorka is a former adviser to President Trump who currently has his own radio show called America First with Sebastian Gorka, hosted on the Salem Radio Network.

Yesterday, Gorka was on air when a man named Ron called in and began a conversation about Transgender people.

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"The Millennials are just brainwashed, look at their school system," Ron says, implying danger behind teaching children about LGBTQ rights. "It's not even their fault. Look at what their being taught."

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Gorka then chimed in with some thoughts of his own.

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"Ignorance is no defense," he says, "I'm sorry. Above a certain age you have to take responsibility for your own education and your own understanding of the truth. Great call Ron."

Then, Gorka makes an odd comment regarding transgender people.

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"I think that whole trans thing started with Teletubbies."

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"Remember?" Gorka continues, "One of them wore a tutu. It started all back then."

Gorka has yet to comment on whether he meant the comment seriously or as a joke.

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Watch the entire segment for yourself.

Well damn, I guess the Teletubies made us queer. They are rainbow colored afterall.

h/t: Media Matters

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