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Mr. Rogers Actually Had A Radical Theology That Most People Didn't Know About

Alicia D'Aversa 23 Jul 2019

Mr. Rogers was always known for being kind and humble, but now that the trailer for A Beautiful Day in the Neighboorhood has dropped people are all up in the feels again with him.

But here's something you may not have known: he actually had a very specific theology that he followed.

So he was a Presbyterian minister who was very clear on his stance even on his show.

Which is why we loved him so much.

He made sure to remind us to love everyone.

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And he practiced that theology on and outside of the show.

This is an incredible thing for him to have done at the time.

Not many people would have.

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He was definitely someone who practiced radical activism for someone at his time.

Especially since his show was for children!

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This entire Twitter thread just makes me more excited for the movie.

Seriously, I have tears in my eyes.

Go read the thread and cry along with me!

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