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14+ Great Ideas That We Should've Thought Of A Long Time Ago

mason.zimmer 22 Jul 2019

Every now and then, we'll hear a story about a bunch of people who can justifiably call themselves experts seriously mulling over a problem only for a child to wander up and tell them the solution in the same tone they might use to say what kind of ice cream they want.

Although child prodigies are certainly a thing, this kind of story is often used to illustrate the value of a fresh pair of eyes. Not to mention, they're good reminders that the most effective solution doesn't always have to be a complicated one.

So let's celebrate these fine folks who got a little creative to accomplish their goals.

1. Now that we've seen this, it's hard not to wonder why every stadium doesn't have it.

Reddit | DontGiveASchist

Some baseball games I've been to have left me absolutely cooking in the summer sun, so this will always be a welcome sight.

The more places install these things, the less we'll have to fight over the seats with the upper deck hanging over them.

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2. Wow, it looks like someone got amazing photos of a star scorching the surface of its nearest planet.

Reddit | DonTuxedo

Indeed, it looks like somebody got that. What's actually going on is that someone got their hands on a translucent, textured marble and shined an orange light through it.

Pretty clever.

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3. There's a reason why these street lights are red and part of the answer is that they're close to the beach.

Reddit | everyone-equal

If that doesn't mean anything to you, then you likely haven't heard that baby sea turtles can be lured towards street lights soon after they hatch. As Scientific American reported, this can leave them vulnerable to dehydration, predators, and cars.

In nature, they instinctively head towards the moon and star light, so some cities have replaced their ocean front street lights with red LEDs so the turtles won't mistake them for the moon.

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4. It takes a surprisingly long look to notice that this key didn't always belong on this base.

Reddit | vikavisitsreddit

So not only did someone make this old key as good as new, but they did so by modifying an old Soviet coin.

So yes, if you thought you saw Communist insignia on this key, don't worry. You're not crazy.

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5. This sign in Iceland is here to let future generations know that climate change isn't beating us without a fight.

Reddit | BurtMacklin84

It's also here to let them know that we're aware of whose fault it is if none of our efforts work out. Well, some of us are, anyway.

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6. This interesting shadow puppetry will make it very easy to find your room in this hotel.

Reddit | dransdayn

It's also very effective at reassuring guests that the hotel's got a generator and it works very well because otherwise, they're creating a massive headache for themselves.

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7. When these music stores close up shop, they make sure that nobody forgets what they're there to do.

Reddit | EndMeRightNowPlz

And judging by these ingenious amp shutters, the answer is, of course, to rock everybody's face off.

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8. The uploader entered this sculpture for an art contest that called for each applicant to adopt a schizophrenia theme.

Reddit | inavanbytheriver

Unfortunately, they didn't win and the reason is that they were a lot better at making moving, haunting art than they were at reading the contest's rules.

Apparently, they only accepted digital art.

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9. It's a little hard to tell what's going on here, but it shows what lengths photographers will go to to get the perfect shot.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

The man behind the model is blowing some kind of vape bubble that she's supposed to thrust her face through when it floats down to her.

When the photographer notices her do that, he'll take the picture, which will show her serene face with smoke billowing behind it. Yes, her face somehow stayed serene in the shot.

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10. This person's efforts to take animation cells out into the wild are more bittersweet than they seem.

Reddit | Frocharocha

That's because they came from Kyoto Animation Studios, which burned down in an arson case that claimed the lives of 34 people.

The uploader took these cells to the real locations they were set in to show how effectively the animators captured them.

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11. Based on the next couple of entries here, it seems like they're very good at upcycling stuff in Germany.

Reddit | eddyedutz

They may not be much when it comes to storage space anymore, but at least these floppy disks can make decent coasters as one German bar discovered.

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12. This massive hangar on the outskirts of Berlin was once supposed to house massive airships, but it seems that didn't work out.

Reddit | Proteon

According to Gizmodo, it was then purchased by a Malaysian company called Tanjong in 2003 and converted to a massive indoor water park.

Rest assured that it has water slides. They're just not in the shot.

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13. This is a pretty good way to let people know they've found your grilled cheese stand.

Reddit | PaulSinclair90

They didn't just decorate the outside of their hut with cheese graters, either. They're actually using them as lamp shades.

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14. Finally, a classy way to cover these skinny holes in school and office doors.

Reddit | Luke_7

Until now, the only options were to cover it up permanently with construction paper or allow people to peek in at all your stuff when you were out of the room.

These blinds, however, are a little more flexible.

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15. This pizza place lets you choose how you want staff to cut your pizza.

Reddit | HodeYourBalls

Granted, a few of them seem pretty impractical, but there's something to be said for truly having it your way.

I wouldn't expect them to like me very much if I picked "bond," though. It looks challenging, to say the least.

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16. When a restaurant gets such a ringing endorsement, anything else they could put on this sign pales in comparison.

Reddit | calculus501

I'm not even a big wings guy, but I'm still a little curious about how good they'd have to be to make me willing to sacrifice everything I know about my own comfort.

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17. Apparently, there was a pretty easy solution to ensuring beloved pets aren't stuck in hot cars all along.

Reddit | doesntpostalot

Granted, not all cars have sunroofs, but if even this large dog can't run away from one that does, it seems we can be pretty confident that this plan will work.

That's some clever thinking.

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18. Whoever designed this knows all too well what our first instincts are when it comes to instruction manuals.

Reddit | Paintedviking

And so, if this one can't convince us to put our impatience aside and actually read it, then the failure is entirely on us. As long as we have that understanding.

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19. It's not just impressive that someone left a weird "peeking" statue in the woods, but that they were so economical about it.

Reddit | P_U_K_E_K_O

All you need are two hands and head and you'll startle people just as well as if you had sculpted a whole body.

At least, I assume that's what the artist is trying to do here.

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20. Whoever built this sign knew very well not to underestimate the difference between a ski slope in the summer versus in the winter.

Reddit | hwesty100

No matter what time of year it is, nobody will ever lose track of where the East Face is.

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21. Even if you remember doing those I Spy puzzles, you may not be aware that absolutely every one was a photograph.

Reddit | qbastiay

In the case of this fantasy edition where you're supposed to find objects in the clouds, that took an extra level of creativity.

Still, this man was able to pull it off thanks to a whole lot of cotton balls.

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22. Although warehouse trim like this tends to do its job the best when we don't notice it, its installer still found a way to leave their legacy.

Reddit | InternalCucumbers

We all know that nothing lasts forever, so Tony here decided to let the people know who made this possible when the inevitable happens.

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23. It may not have seemed like these people had space for a wine cellar, but they wouldn't let that stop them.


After all, if Harry Potter can find a way to live under the stairs, there's nothing suggesting that a household's wine collection can't do the same.

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24. It may not do much to ensure the lamp stays safe, but this design serves as a master class in trolling.

Reddit | LemonLawsforPeople

That's right, there's no spider in here at all. Some mischief maker just wanted to show how much they know about shadows.

I wonder how many returned lamps this prank resulted in?

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25. Sometimes, it's the smallest ideas that can make us the happiest.

Reddit | Spanholz

The kindergartners who use these taps could have worked with standard ones, but a little paint and some googly eyes ensured their lives are filled with sharply dressed ducks.

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26. Sometimes, this accurately reflects our reality more than official Nike gear does.

Reddit | El_Tomador

I sprained my knee the other day, which means this shirt will essentially be my response if anyone has any funny ideas about me running.

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27. I haven't heard of too many other states that do this, but Pennsylvania features drive-through beer warehouses.

Reddit | 4ninawells

You can apparently park in here if you're not sure what you want, but you can otherwise place your order and get your trunk stocked with your brand of choice without ever leaving the car.

Why don't more places do this?

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28. Rather than worry about gender, the owner if these bathrooms just focuses on what users plan to do in them.

Reddit | pabosheki

Not only does this get down to the heart of the matter, but they've also provided their guests with plenty of options to best suit their needs.

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29. It's very difficult to say no to extra ice cream, and this is a great way to determine how we know it's "extra."

Reddit | Ry_Here

If you can make the little cone a different flavor than the big one, then this idea has already reached its full potential.

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