10+ Disney Movies That Should Become Live-Action

With a brand new trend of live-action remakes going on, today we're going to explore a couple that seriously need it.

And Disney, if you're reading this, take note, This is what the fans want.

1. *Tangled*

Tangled is one of the best new-age Disney movies, because of the comedy and the beautiful love story.

How fun would it be to watch it all happen in live-action?

2. *Bambi*


With the new live-action Lion King out now, we know that Disney can do animals in live-action really well.

Now it's time to traumatize a whole new generation of kids with Bambi's mother's scene!

4. *The Sword in The Stone*


This movie, along with its awesome fantastical imagery, are totally worthy of a live-action remake.

I mean, just imagine the wizarding battle but in real life... it would look out of this world!

5. *The Aristocats*

Listen, if Disney is going to do Lady And The Tramp in live-action, why wouldn't they do The Aristocats?

I mean, we've got something for the dog lovers, why not the cat lovers?

6. *The Rescuers* (1977) and *The Rescuers Down Under* (1990)


I don't care which of these is made (although I'd probably prefer Down Under) I just want to see these adorable little rodents back on the big screen!

7. *The Fox and the Hound*


This is some people's favorite Disney movies (in fact, a lot of people's) and yet there are no plans to adapt it into a live-action movie!

It's the perfect tale for a modern age!

8. *Oliver & Company*


"Oliver Twist" with a... er... twist, this movie came with cats and dogs as their stars.

It doesn't matter if it's people or animals, as long as they bring back Billy Joel.

3. *Hercules*

Although the myth of Hercules has been done a million times, a live-action Disney version, with the feel-good comedy and amazing songs would definitely perk us up!

9. *Pocahontas*


While the story might be problematic for some, it's undeniable that the music is out of this world.

Maybe switch the story up a bit, but keep the awesome tunes!

10. *Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs*


This is the classic Disney movie, the one that really put them on the map.

It won Walt Disney an honorary Oscar, it is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time... do it already, Disney!

11. *The Hunchback of Notre Dame*

This grim tale would be perfect for one of Disney's live-action reboots! I hear that Frozen's Josh Gad is set to produce, and might even star.

That would be awesome!

12. *Lilo & Stitch*


While Hawaii would be beautiful, doing Stitch live-action might be a risk.

Will he be adorable like Detective Pikachu? Or will he be terrifying, like Sonic or the Cats from the Cats movie?

13. *The Princess and the Frog*


Oh god, imagine the beauty of New Orleans in this live-action remake!

And considering Black Panther made a huge amount of money, who knows what a remake of the first black princesses movie will make?

14. *Moana*


Please, please do this before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gets too old to play Maui in the live-action version.

Because honestly, I don't know if I could see anyone else doing it.

15. *Frozen*


Disney's biggest hit to date is going to get a live-action remake, mark my words.

It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but I can guarantee this will be on the big screen soon.