10+ Movies That Really Didn't Age Well

Before I even start my research for this movie I will bet you $100 that every list of "Movies that haven't aged well" will have Animal House on it.

As will this one.

1. 'Braveheart'


This movie hasn't aged well not due to its controversial scenes or questionable morals, but because it's an Oscar-winning movie with some glaring mistakes.

One, in particular, is a guy with a baseball cap in the background.

2. 'Hackers'


This movie is super outdated, and also makes the act of hacking really action-packed and sexy, when it's usually just done by some Anon mask-wearing healthy framed mummy's boy.

Not Angelina Jolie.

3. 'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom'


So, listen, I think this movie is cool and all, but its racist depiction of radical Hindus is pretty problematic in this day and age.

Oh, and Short Round isn't all that woke either.

4. 'Goldeneye'


Alright so yes, this movie is still pretty cool, I'll give you that. It might even be Pierce Brosnan's best.

What isn't so cool anymore is it's corny electronic score and that one computer store scene.

5. 'Peter Pan'


What? What could possibly be wrong with a number called "What Made The Red Man Red?" sung by a bunch of Native Americans?

I'm just kidding, it's obviously incredibly, undeniably, racist.

6. 'The Fast And The Furious'


The only reason this movie doesn't age well is that its sequels have jumped so many sharks I can't believe it hasn't been a set piece in one of the movies yet.

7. 'You've Got Mail'


Even the name of this movie comes from an outdated sound that would pop from your computer whenever you got an email.

Oh yeah, and Meg Ryan opens the internet... via AOL.

8. 'American Beauty'


Put Kevin Spacey and his grossness aside, this part could've been played by Mr. Freaking Rogers and it still would've been gross.

I mean, a grown man wants to make love to a high school student? Gross!

9. 'Mrs. Doubtfire'


Yeah I get it, Robin Williams tragically passed away and now we must love everything he's ever done.

But does no one else think his character's behavior in this movie is kind of creepy?

10. 'Chasing Amy'


Listen, I love you Kevin Smith, and please invite me to your birthday party.

However, the movie Chasing Amy is about how a lesbian would just "go straight" if she found the right man. Yeah, that's not going to happen.

11. 'American Pie'


Still a pretty funny movie, however, it's problematic for one glaring reason: that scene where Jason Biggs broadcasts his date stripping to the whole school via webcam.

Yeah, that's illegal now.

12. 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'


Ladies, compare yourselves to Holly Golightly as much as you want, as long as people don't compare themselves to Mickey Rooney's character, Mr. Yunioshi.

Which, of course, was a very racist depiction of Asian people.

13. 'Avatar'


Three words as to why this movie hasn't aged well: "white savior complex".

Yeah, ever since society as a whole got a little more woke we've been pointing out movies like this everywhere.

14. 'Crash'


This movie literally didn't age well past it winning an Oscar.

Mostly because it beat out Brokeback Mountain, and partially because it's racial conflicts weren't all that... how do I put this... realistic?

15. 'Animal House'


I mean, I told you.

This movie, as funny as it is, still has moments that make you feel uncomfortable. When Bluto is spying on the changing girls and turns to the camera... funny, but weird in the #MeToo era.

'500 Days Of Summer'


At first, you might not realize why this simple love story is on the "didn't age well" list.

Then, I'll throw the term "Mary Sue" at you, and everything will come together.

17. 'Lawnmower Man'


No, this isn't a screenshot from the Reboot reboot, but a still from a completely serious horror movie about the dangers of virtual reality.

Yeah... pretty sure anyone can make that in After Effects these days.

18. 'Blank Check'


In this movie about a little kid getting a blank check and cashing it in for a million dollars, one woman passionately kisses him.

Oh, how charming (for the '90s). In today's day and age, not so much.

19. 'Empire Records'

Through the Smashmouth and frosted tip fueled haze of the '90s we failed to see that this movie was overacted and the comedy bits were just not funny.

Luckily, we see the light now.

20. 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'


People were making fun of Kevin Costner for his bad accent back in the '90s, so I won't bring that up here.

What I will bring up is the climax, which is like one long attempted rape scene.

21. 'Spawn'


It shouldn't be hard to make a story about a demon from hell uncool, however lame CGI and an even lamer performance from "The Violator" definitely figured out a way.

22. 'In & Out'


Sure, it may have been progressive at the time, but this movie was filled with awful stereotypes about gay men.

It also had archaic ideas about masculinity, so it has not aged well at all.

23. 'Dances With Wolves'


Sorry, Dances With Wolves, but you make the list for being yet another "white savior" movie.

Also, it's a movie about Native Americans that centers around two white people. Yeesh.

24. 'Revenge Of The Nerds'


And now we talk Revenge Of The Nerds, which is probably one of the worst films ever. 'Why', you ask?

Well, they've got a full-on rape scene.