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Rapper Orders 'Crust Only' Pizza And Honestly? We're Here For It

Everyone loves pizza. Pizza has something for everyone. Even if, like some people I can think of who may or may not be writing this article, you're lactose intolerant and you're not supposed to eat it, you eat it anyway and you enjoy it because you're only human.

But it turns out some pizza lovers may not quite be human after all.

Enter Jadakiss.

Jadakiss is a rapper, but after this, he'll be most well-known for his monstrosity of a pizza order. Jadakiss was put on blast by Cuts & Slices, an NYC-based pizza chain who posted this order of his.

That's right. Just the crusts, ma'am, just the crusts.

Now, apparently, this order is because Jadakiss is only a special diet and can't eat cheese, but still wants to enjoy the best part of pizza, which is the crust.

Now, I hear you. "Why doesn't he just get cheesy bread?"

The owner of Cuts & Slices says that he was also asked this question when he posted the crust-only 'za, and his answer honestly makes some sense. "There is nothing like an actual pizza with an authentic crust."

At first, I was disgusted by this pizza-less pizza, but after thinking about it, I'm on board now.

As someone who never eats my crust, this creates an ideal world. If someone has just taken the crusts off a pizza, that means there's a crust-FREE pizza somewhere in the world for me to order.

That's called balance. Jadakiss is restoring balance to the universe, one pizza monstrosity at a time.