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17+ Clever People Who DEFINITELY Had The Last Laugh

Sydney Brooman 19 Jul 2019

Some people are book smart, some are street smart, and some are just too damn clever for their own good.

These are the kinds of people who get 'played' and then hit back 50 times harder with the most incredible trolling you've ever seen in your life. These are the true pranksters of our generation, shaping society through the use of awful, awful puns.

Try to keep track of how many times you roll your eyes, sigh, or shout 'oh COME ON' while reading this list. You won't win anything at the end, sorry.

1. Our Lord And Savior

Reddit | A-ladder-named-chaos

"Decided to replace all of the pictures of Jesus in my parents' house wth Obi Wan from Star Wars" this girl shares, "It's been two weeks and they still haven't noticed."

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2. Her Majesty

Reddit | glnito

I love when people are so annoyed by being told to do something that they follow the direction word for word in the most literal terms possible.

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3. How Snecretive

Reddit | Mr-Wonderfull

Rolling eyes count: 1

Level of annoyance: Go the frick home.

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4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Reddit | aidanswalt

"Our Christmas tree was too big to fit in our house," this woman wrote, "So we cut it in half and made it look like it was coming through the roof."

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5. Washington's On Your Side

Reddit | cunt_dooku

"My mom couldn't just give me money for my birthday," this guy writes, "OH no, she had to go and do THAT."

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6. Violets Are Blue

Tumblr | tripleshift

Honestly, all art instruction seems exactly like this. I have no idea how they get from point A to point B ever and I never will.

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7. Frenemies

Reddit | toddy08

So, so clever, and so, so annoying. Bravo.

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8. He's Making A List, He's Checking It Twice

Reddit | luismillian

Again, literal interpretations are the least harmful, yet most inconvenient and annoying pranks ever.

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9. Briany

Reddit | SuperCub

I didn't know my dad worked at Starbucks?

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10. Over The Rainbow

Reddit | DavicDuffie

Here he is folks. The ultimate, master troll. Bow down.

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11. Stevie Wonder

Reddit | briansolis

This is how we dismantle the patriarchy. One ridiculous printout at a time.

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12. Next Stop: Your Future!

Reddit | LainieBarbarian

"My mom created a high school graduation bingo," this girl shares, "Shady but omg too accurate."

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13. Apples To Oranges

Reddit | iUseThis2DownVote

Now this one is just plain cruel.

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14. Either Orca

Reddit | annabranjani

The seal is the guardian of the emergency hatch, similar to that little statue at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is his immortal duty.

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15. Loopholes

Reddit | hook_killed_pan

"My mom gave me this on college move-in day" this guy writes, "And she told me that it's the only cup I'm allowed to drink alcohol out of."

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16. The Other Guy

Reddit | Neil_Patrick_Bateman

I love a good noisy neighbor power move, don't you agree?

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17. Pool Cue



I'm trying. I really am. This one just hurts guys.

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18. The Nose Knows

Reddit | finelrobote

Come on Kyle, you know that Katie is smarter than that crap.

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19. First Dates

Reddit | jcravenw

Darn it, can-zoned again.

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20. My Dog Ate My Homework

Reddit | FluffyTheDestroyer

When you've leveled up in irony so hard that your dog understands it too.

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21. Bottled Tears

Reddit | suffocatingface

This is literally what swiping through Tinder is like.

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22. Pledge Of Non-Allegiance

Reddit | Streetlights_People

"I made a cake for a Fourth of July party," this person writes, "But as a Canadian, I couldn't resist a little trolling."

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23. Calamityville Horror

Reddit | prettyoffbase

When you're moving out of your house, the obvious thing to do is to leave a surprise like this under the carpet for the home's new occupants.

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24. Don't Even Ask

Reddit | thepakman47

Well, I guess that clears THAT up then.

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25. Weight Of The World

Reddit | terex232

"This went on for seven whole minutes," this son shares, "My mom kept getting off and getting back on confused."

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26. It's A Sign

Reddit | vladhorbot

The best crafts are those with multiple uses.

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27. Party Favor

Reddit | soclorious

Don't fight fire with fire, oh no. Fight it with glitter.

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28. Sharpest Tool In The Shed

Reddit | chimponabike

Also, coffee is hot, but we've been down that road before and it seems to not be common knowledge.

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29. There Are Options

Reddit | That1Girll

"My Uber driver created a 'conversation menu' for our ride," this person shares.

The best trolls are the ones who put effort into every pun. Extra Extra, read all about it!

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