10+ Fake Viral Photos That Fooled The Internet

Lately, everything is about fake news and the fact that what you see and hear online and TV may not always be the absolute truth. So imagine when the following photos hit the internet and became a viral sensation only to actually end up being totally far fetched.

Take a look at these and let me know if you got fooled.

1. Amazing Rice Wave

Reddit | GeneReddit123

I have to admit I haven't seen this photo but if you have and you actually believed it, you got fooled. The rice "wave" is actually a sculpture.

2. Frozen Venice


So even though haven't been to Venice I've been to Italy so I know it doesn't get that cold there. This is actually Lake Baikal in Russia photoshopped to look like Venice.

3. Tale Of Two Beauties


How cool would it be if Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor really did chill together like in this photo? But sadly this is just Photoshop.

4. Dwarf Giraffe


Even though it is true that giraffes just like people and other animals can have dwarfism, in this case, the photo is just a fake.

5. Pilot Selfie


As cool and as dangerous as this crazy pilot selfie may seem it actually never even happened they way it looks. He was safely on the ground the whole time.

6. Frog Leggs


Apparently, this picture of a woman seemingly squatting like frog on a ledge was just cleverly Photoshopped as you can see clearly in the real picture.

7. Smoking In Space


We all love Chris Hadfield and he's such a role model for all the kids out there. He was actually just holding Easter eggs in that bag in the original photo.

8. Star Island


Wouldn't it be really awesome if there was an actual island that looked just like a star? Well, sorry to blow your bubble but it doesn't exist.

9. Bear Chase

Adonis Arias

I get why this went viral because nobody would care if it was just a bear running on the road. So, they added the cyclist for drama.

10. Bear Chase Part II

Reddit | EunByuL

And again there's nothing more frightening than being chased by a bear in the wild. But this bear was actually just a stock photo.

11. Just Chillin'


Imagine coming to get your BMW and finding there's a cow just casually chilling on it? Ha, ha. But this was just cleverly Photoshopped to fool us all.

12. Epic Bicycle Ride


OMG, this crazy photo will have us believe that Albert Einstein was just riding a bicycle as an atomic bomb was going off. As if!

13. MGM Roaring Lion

Hai-Kef Zoo

This hoax of a picture is actually just a lion being X-rayed at the doctor's office and not being abused to make the famous MGM lion logo.

I can't believe that people will go through these lengths to have a photo go viral on the internet.

I guess you really can't believe anything you see these days.