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Oh, So Khloé Is Out Here Defending Tristan Thompson Now

Oh we're in full on crazy times right now, y'all. The world is all kinds of topsy-turvy. Up is down. Down is up. Left is right. Right is left.

WHY am I in such a tizzy? WHY has my world turned upside down? Why is Mars in retrograde? WHY do I have trust issues?

Because, ladies and gentlemen, one KoKo Kardashian is out here trying to stand by her ex man!

Now u might be thinking ~zomg~ dude, build a bridge and get OVER IT.

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But no, I won't get over it because it is WILD.

Khloé has been trying to make peace with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson for a while now.

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Even tho he was fully caught cheating on KoKo multiple times.

Even after the second time, when Tristan was allegedly hooking up with Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods, Khloé kept her thoughts quiet.

The most she revealed was that is wasn't a huge shock.

To which we all said DUH, sis.

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KoKo has faced a lot of backlash over seemingly placing all the blame for the affair on Jordyn and not on Tristan.

In the months after the scandal, Khloé and Tristan fully broke up and have been co-parenting miss sweet angel baby True.

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Which is mature and cool and all that, sure.

The two have been pretty low-key (thank you Jesus) until a few weeks ago when Tristan made this tbh RANDOM birthday post for KoKo.

He called her "the most beautiful human I have met inside and out," which is wild because... hi cheating, how are ya?

This made people believe the two were doing okay and getting along.

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Which we love for baby True.

Still, people like to poke fun at the nonsense that is Khloé and Tristan.

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Like this meme from the account, @freakymarko2.

Well, KoKo saw this and shut it DOWN.

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KoKo raises really good points here, for sure.

And I totally respect her maturity, don't get me wrong.

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I just think it's wild how easily Tristan has gotten off the hook.

And also, pls riddle me this— why does Tristan get a pass, but Jordyn doesn't?

What do you think of KoKo's clapback? Let us know in the comments below!