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#IStandWithIlhan Is Trending After Trump Supporters Chant ‘Send Her Back’ At Rally

Sydney Brooman 18 Jul 2019

The aftermath of President Trump's Sunday Tweets telling specific congresswomen of color to "go back to where they came from" has only gotten messier and more intense.

Admist back-and-forth allegations of racism, Trump has managed to inspire even more prejudice than first expressed.

On Wednesday July 17th, Trump held a re-election rally in Greenville, North Carolina.


C-Span's livestream and recording of the rally shows his supporters loudly chanting "send her back" after Trump mentions Congresswoman Ilhan Omar by name.

Not only is Rep. Omar an American citizen, but the choice of wording being 'send her back' rather than just 'go back' implies the threat of force.

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Rep. Omar responded via Twitter on Wednesday night, but not with her own words.

Quoting famed poet and activist Maya Angelou, Rep. Omar makes it explicitly clear that despite an onslaught of racist remarks and threats of violence, she not be threatened out of representing her country as a member of Congress.

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This morning, the hashtag #IStandWithIlhan began trending on Twitter.

Various elected officials and public figures have taken to Twitter in order to show their support for the congresswoman, as well as expressing their disgust at those who chanted at the rally.

"Trump is fueling and feeding off hate," tweeted NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, "Racism and Islamophobia are stains on humanity and this country."

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Use of the hashtag is slowly but surly overpowering the negative rhetoric regarding Rep. Omar on the site.

With almost half a million tweets, it is clear that Rep. Ilhan Omar has garnered a massive amount of support and respect throughout her time in Congress.

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In a later Tweet, Rep. Omar pared down her language to a simple statement.

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"I am where I belong, at the people's house," she stated, "And you're just going to have to deal."

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