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These Pics Prove Just How Epic Maine Coon Cats Really Are

When you think of a house cat, you might think of a little innocent cat, maybe with short hair, that just wants to be cuddled and fed. Or maybe they don't want to be cuddled, and they just want to be fed. Can relate.

If you've ever seen a Maine Coon cat for the first time, you might think it belongs in the wild, but it's actually a majestic house cat, too.

Maine Coon cats are seriously huge

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They look like mountain lions! And honestly, I wouldn't surprised if they were.

They do what they want.

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This cat doesn't care that it's squishing its sibling at all!

This photo is hilarious. This is totally relatable even more human siblings.

They might look fierce, but they're actually gentle giants.

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They're very sociable and love attention. Kind of like me, I guess.

When they're out in the wild, Maine Coons basically look like miniature lions.

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Look at the way this once is fearlessly climbing this tree!

No big deal at all.

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