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Man Shouts ‘You Die’ And Sets Fire To Kyoto Studio Killing 33

Sydney Brooman 18 Jul 2019

A 41-year-old-man was seen shouting 'You Die!' as he set fire to an anime studio in Kyoto Japan, killing at least 33 people and injuring at least 36.

The unidentified suspect was taken to the hospital after pouring flammable liquid on all three floors of the building, which started the fire.

Most of the victims were employees of Kyoto Animation.

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The company produces feature films and TV productions that are extremely popular and well-loved in Japan. The studio itself was formerly a famous site for fans.

"There was an explosion, then I heard people shouting, some asking for help," a witness told TBS TV. "Black smoke was rising from windows on upper floors. Then there was a man struggling to crawl out of the window."

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Survivors witnessed the man screaming 'You die!' as he poured the liquid.

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As of right now, Japanese officials are unsure of the motivation behind the attack.

Company president Hideaki Hatta released a statement shortly after the attack: "My heart is in extreme pain," he stated, "Why on earth did such violence have to be used?"

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