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14+ Facts To Know About Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal is an iconic actress of film and television. From Married...With Children to Sons of Anarchy, she's made her mark in Hollywood.

But how much do you really know about her? Let's find out about her complex, inspiring, and occasionally dark past together.

She came from a Hollywood family.

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Her father, Boris, was a Ukrainian-Jewish immigrant who worked as a director. Her mother, Sara, was a singer, producer, and television writer.

As for her four siblings? Three of them went into entertainment, too.

Her father died during production on a miniseries.


While working on the NBC miniseries World War III, Boris Sagal was killed in a helicopter accident in Oregon.

Production didn't slow down—he was replaced by David Greene.

Star Rock Hudson said that the miniseries didn't have an ending before Sagal died.

She does not tolerate trash.

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Or littering.

"My pet peeves are people who tailgate and people who throw [trash] out of their car window. I tend to chase them down."

I would pay money to see her chasing a litterbug down.

She had a series of minor roles before hitting it big.

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In fact, Katey's first role was a receptionist in an episode Columbo, which was directed by her father.

Her next role brought her alongside the legendary Mary Tyler Moore, where she played a newspaper columnist in the short-lived Mary.

"Married...With Children" was her first big role.

While auditioning, she brought Peggy's signature red wig and wore it the entire time.

The producers liked the look so much that it was approved for the actual show, and Peggy's look was born.

She got her first record a very unusual way.

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This story is giving me big Monica Gellar in Friends vibes.

"I truly sang for my supper. I was a singing waitress and got my first record deal doing that job."

Her pregnancy became a key plot on the show.


When Katey discovered she was pregnant, the writers of Married...With Children decided to integrate it into the show.

Tragically, Katey lost the baby during her 7th month of pregnancy. The show chose to turn Peggy's pregnancy into a dream sequence and was rarely touched on again.

She eventually had three more children.

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With her ex-husband, Jack White (no, not that Jack White), Katey gave birth to Sarah Grace and Jackson James.

While both pregnancies happened during Married...With Children, the writers respectfully chose not to carry them over to the show.

Her third daughter was born much later than the others.

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With her now-husband, Kurt Sutter, Katey shares a daughter, Esmé Louise.

The pair used a surrogate for Esmé's birth, since Katey was 50 by the time they decided to have a child together.

She had some famous classmates.

"I went to California Institute for the Arts for half a semester before dropping out. Paul Reubens and David Hasselhoff were my classmates."

Um...I need to know what class that was.

She's been married three times.

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Her first marriage was to musician Freddie Beckmeier from 1978 to 1981.

She was then married to drummer Jack White from 1993 to 2000.

She is now married to television writer and producer Kurt Sutter. They wed in 2004.

She starred in Kurt's television series, "Sons of Anarchy."


Where would badass TV moms be without Gemma Teller?

Katey starred as the matriarch of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. She appeared in all seven seasons of the show, and won a Golden Globe for her role on it.

She has a whole pack of dogs!

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"I have four dogs: two chocolate Labs, a labradoodle, and a little scruffy rescue. He's the leader of the pack."

Pictured: the aforementioned scruffy rescue, whose puppy eyes I would fall for every single time.

Her musical background is crazy.

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Before I get to the awesome things she's currently doing, here's a fun mind-blowing fact:

She not only used to sing backup for Etta James, but she once opened a Rolling Stones concert with her.

She's in a band.

Because it was somehow possible for her to get cooler, which is so unfair.

She took her musical talents to The Reluctant Apostles, who frequently tour the US. She does vocals, and she plays guitar.

She's not an adventurous eater.

I can't believe that, considering Los Angeles has such great food! According to Katey herself:

"I eat almost the same thing every day. I'm trying to branch out, but it's hard."

She has a history of drug addiction.

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Now thankfully sober, she opened up about her past in her memoir, Grace Notes: My Recollections.

At once time, she was addicted to doctor-prescribed diet pills, marijuana, cocaine, and acid.

She has been sober for 30 years!

There are some daredevil things she won't try.

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She rides motorcycles, sings in a band, and is covered in tattoos. She's a total badass. The one thing she won't try?

"I would never skydive. It just sounds crazy to me."

Kayaking, however, is Katey approved.

She has a bunch of tattoos.

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Most notably, she has two half-sleeves.

They both match, and feature crawling vines of pink roses that cover the outside of her biceps. I love how delicate those roses are!

She used to ride motorcycles.

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According to Katey:

"Since I stopped drinking 30 years ago, I don't often ride motorcycles, except for sometimes with my husband, Kurt, on the back of his bagger."

Guys...she is so freakin' cool.

As a kid, she was super relatable.


I'm just gonna leave this story here.

"When I was a kid, George Harrison was my favorite Beatle. I got so hysterical at a concert the police had to escort me home.

I was 11."

Her personality as not as big as Peggy's.

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"The biggest misconception about me is that I'm bigger than life. I'm actually quite shy and private."

I think all of us assume that celebrities are naturally quite outgoing. It's nice to know a few are introverts!

She's as addicted to home renovation shows as we are.

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"I love to watch home improvement shows. My faves are Fixer Upper and Salvage Dawgs."

Fixer Upper is why I can always spot shiplap on a wall from a mile away. Thanks, Chip and Joanna!