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13+ Photos That Are Only Funny ‘When You See It’

Sydney Brooman 17 Jul 2019

Did you ever read those I Spy books when you were little? Sometimes life recreates them for us—mostly when we least expect it.

These are the kinds of photos that, no matter how hard you try, you could never capture on purpose. You may think they're normal at first glance, but trust me— when you see it, you'll understand.

1. God Save The Queen

Reddit | jaydetaylor

This may be the single greatest photo bomb of all time. Fight me on it, I dare you.

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2. Baby Beluga

Reddit | sloppyFarts

Something tells me that this photo may be brought up in therapy later in this kid's life.

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3. Back To The Future

Reddit | Philchil23

Ever wonder what you would look like twenty years from now? This father/daughter duo doesn't have to.

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4. Head's Up

Reddit | Htxbia

What are they teaching kids in school these days???

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5. Narcissus

Reddit | Trampolice

I don't know what is cuter: the little girl who thinks the stock photo in the picture frame is her, or her brother's self-love.

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6. Okay Ladies, Now Let's Get In Formation

Reddit | Get_Stamosed

Now this is why you only do extreme cheer-leading exercises when you have a spotter.

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7. Wild Thing

Reddit | heyitslolo

A progression of innocence to experience right here folks.

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8. Cat's Out Of The Bag

Reddit | BeardLover69

This is my little brother lurking in the shadows while he waits for a turn on the Nintendo DS.

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9. Chewy, Get Us Outta Here!

Reddit | sporkty

If you don't know which scene from Star Wars this is, are you even really a Star Wars fan?

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10. Stealing The Spotlight

Reddit | WatermelonPOWAH

That background kid is going to be a star, no doubt about it.

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11. Fire In The Hole

Reddit | 99LS1SS

Um, What To Expect When You're Expecting didn't talk about my kids shoving each other into cannons.

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12. Pass Go

Reddit | ImNotLee

Politics can sometimes be a little dull, but at least there are heroes like the Monopoly Man to save us from the monotony of it all.

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13. Till Death Do Us Part

Reddit | GallowBoob

If my sister chose to pass out at the exact moment of mine and my husband's first kiss as a married couple, I would revive her just so I could knock her out myself.

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14. Human Centipede

Reddit | Zalithelia

Sometimes it's better to be the black sheep in the flock, right Rover?

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15. No Room

Reddit | asjonesy99

When this man decided to take the best spot to propose to his girlfriend in, the second guy was stuck getting down on one knee in front of a random bench in the background.

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16. Criminal Evidence

Reddit | Paperted

Did you catch a pickpocketer on your 21st birthday? Didn't think so.

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17. Warm Gifts

Reddit | rooshingonyourbirthday

My dog gives me that gift every day! It's nothing special.

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18. A Whale Of A Time

Reddit | vanillapopcorn

I'll bet that this was the only time they saw a whale on their whole darn trip.

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19. Just A Beautiful Winter Morning

Reddit | themuffinmann82

The photographer didn't even notice the sheep until after taking the picture.

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20. Did You Enjoy Your Meal?

Reddit | ridicOnic

It's clearly the reflection of the photographer in the mirror, but the way he's leering down at the phone is super creepy.

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21. Australia Is Terrifying

Reddit | popgorilla

I think they meant "excursions." At least, I really hope they did.

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22. The Perfect Date

Reddit | heyhiandhellow

It's a bit hard to see, but a guy is holding hands with his doggo. So pure!

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23. Overdoing It

Reddit | TheKeasbyKnight

I really hope that they tagged the guy when sharing this pic on Facebook.

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24. Married In A Snap

Reddit | agaconn

It's nice to know that Thanos took some time out of his busy, genocidal schedule to attend a friend's wedding.

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25. Real Estate Photobomb

Reddit | Adub024

Is the cute kitty included in the price of the home? Can I request it when putting in an offer?

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26. Terrifying Easter Bunny

Reddit | giesentheking

I've never understood the appeal of the dead-eyed bunny costume, but this takes it to a whole new level.

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27. A Really Long Gummy Worm

Reddit | lunardune_17

What is going on with those toenails?! I can't stop staring at them...

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28. "Feed Me, Seymour!"

Reddit | Lucy_Norburyyy

That's a pretty cool Audrey 2 they're all posed around. Shame how it ate one of their friends.

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29. Betrayed Elmo

Reddit | kazaamx

Those Times Square characters are pretty creepy all on their own, but I'm kind of worried for Woody once the tourist is gone and Elmo gets revenge.

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30. Snack Time

Reddit | DionRodrigues

Is there anything more Canadian than hiding from the spotlight while enjoying a bag of Hickory Sticks?

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31. Hi, Bruce!

Reddit | SerialPest

This shark doesn't even look dangerous. It's practically smiling for the camera.

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32. Pooping Rainbows


Apparently, unicorns aren't the only animals that do this.

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33. Mighty Morphin'

Reddit | [deleted]

Man, Kimberly is looking really buff. Also, the photobombing police are hilarious.

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34. I Can Has Pizza Too?

Reddit | HideTheShortGuy

That doggo must have pretty poor manners if they can't even come into the room when there is pizza.

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35. That One Friend

Reddit | A_fish_called_tiger

There's always that one person that has to pull a stupid face every time a camera is pointed at them.

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36. More Than Meets The Eye

Reddit | NaethanC

You might be wondering why I'm showing you the back of someone's head while they're listening to headphones, but look closer.

That's right, it turns out that we were looking at a lot more of this woman than we thought.

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37. A Surprise Guest

Reddit | Thandaris

If you saw this one immediately, then congratulations! You have much sharper eyes then the uploader's mother, who still hasn't noticed the party crasher from a galaxy far, far away.

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38. When You Realize It

Reddit | harleyc13

There's nothing actually hidden in this picture, but it seems unlikely that these green screen photos will turn out quite as planned.

That green screen may put guests in a different environment, but they'll only be sharing it with a floating shell and bandanna.

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39. The Most Sinister Banana

Reddit | phetish23

I'm not sure what that banana at bottom right thinks we did, exactly, but it can't prove anything!

Getting people to buy so they can destroy the evidence is an interesting sales tactic, though.

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40. Hello, There

Reddit | oldsigh

At first, it's pretty hard to know what we're supposed to be looking at, but the most awkward part of this picture is definitely what's going on at the bottom left.

Um, can we help you, sir?

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41. I'm Not Complaining, But How Did It Get There?

Reddit | _kcrimson_

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check out the middle window in this image. It looks like cats aren't the only ones that can suddenly appear outside our windows to stare at us.

Good to know.

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42. He Thought He Could Get Away With It

Reddit | NickSheridanWrites

This guy wanted to show off his new braids, but his phone ended up revealing more than he bargained for.

Unfortunately, the no-pants approach only works for Skype interviews.

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43. Phil, Are You In Here?

Reddit | s0ftbAc0n

It's not unheard of for us to show up wearing the same shirt as somebody else, but things get a little weird when you recognize your weird skull picture on TV.

I guess they're more popular than we thought?

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44. In Plain Sight

Reddit | rchlmcd

This will either be painfully obvious to you or it will take forever to spot.

As for why it's so easy to miss, it's probably because the pole of the lamp looks a lot like the ones we grab on the train.

Yeah, there's an entire lamp standing here.

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45. He Finally Spared Some Expense

Reddit | Man_Waffles87

It's so magically appropriate that we happened to find a guy who looks like John Hammond on the bus right next to someone wearing precisely the right T-shirt.

I knew the park's lax safety standards would get him sued into oblivion.

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46. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Reddit | cornosore

I mean, a cemetery is quiet? There are reasons for that, but we don't have to get into all of that now. Sign here!

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47. Kids These Days

Reddit | cmrx3

I mean, it's crazy that the kid managed to climb up there, but I really feel for the employee on the left that appears to be running to help get the kid down.

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48. There's Waldo!

Reddit | holycrapidonteven

I kind of hope that guy dresses up and goes to crowded events just so that he can randomly appear in the background of photos.

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49. Prom Night

Reddit | sukleysalt

The front-and-center couple seem to be having a good time here, but I can't say the same for the girl in the background. Ah well, there's always, um, high school reunion?

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