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Beyoncé Used A Sneaky Dress Trick While Meeting Meghan Markle And It's Brilliant

When Meghan Markle and Beyoncé met for the first time at the London Lion King premiere, all the the internet could focus on was just that: Meghan and Beyoncé meeting.

Signal the alarms!!!

But now, eagle-eyed fans have noticed something else about their exchange.

Curious? Here's a hint: it involves Bey, her dress, and her brilliant sneakiness.

If there was ever a moment to overshadow "The Lion King" movie finally premiering, it was definitely this:

Meghan Markle and Beyoncé meeting.

Basically, it was music royalty meeting real-life royalty.

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And the internet was not okay.

The fan reactions went a lot like this.

They were everything we hoped for.

"Beyoncé and Meghan Markle. That's the tweet," another fan said on Twitter.

Fans commented on how close Meghan and Bey looked, despite it being their first time meeting.

Oh, yeah, Prince Harry and Jay-Z were there, too.

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It's easy to forget when we see two queens unite!

Other members of the cast had the lucky opportunity to meet the royal couple.

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Pharrell Williams, who produces several songs on the film's soundtrack, gave the couple praise for their love.

Comedian Billy Eichner, who plays Timon, blessed the internet this hilarious gem.

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When speaking to co-star, Seth Rogan, Eichner was freaking out over how to say hello before meeting the royals.

You could say that that night was the date night of ALL date nights for the royal pair.

Seriously, now we're wondering: is it even a date night if you didn't meet Beyoncé?

We don't think so.

It was also a child-free night for the foursome.

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They all looked like chummy old pals as they talked about their children and more.

When Beyoncé and Meghan embraced, the sweetest thing even happened.

Beyoncé called Markle "my princess."


Chills, guys, chillssss.

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Beyoncé got a little sneaky while she met Meghan.

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And p.s., it's totally brilliant.

Basically, she used her purse to cover up the high slit of her dress.

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She probably wanted to keep things a little more modest while chatting to royalty.

For your reference, here's her dress with the slit.

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Legs for dayyzzzzz.

Anyone else getting total Angelina Jolie ~high slit~ vibes?

Such an iconic look.

It really goes to show how much Beyoncé admires and respects the royals.

I mean, I'm not sure if Beyoncé would cover up for anyone else besides Markle.

Although, now it's been revealed that Beyoncé broke all sorts of royal protocol ...

YouTube | Jimmy Kiimmel Live

During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Billy revealed the strict rules that the cast was supposed to follow when greeting Harry and Meghan.

"In the days leading up to you, they email you a protocol of how you're supposed to greet Prince Harry and Meghan and they're very intense about it."

YouTube | Jimmy Kiimmel Live

The rules included saying "Your Royal Highness" when addressing them and not speaking until your hands have met in a handshake.

Talk about pressure!

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Then Eichner dropped a major truth bomb!

"We were all kind of nervous, even Beyoncé."

Sorry what?? It's just unfamothable to imagine Bey being nervous.

Although, it does sort of explain why she deemed it necessary to cover up her dress.

Perhaps her nerves are also to blame for her breaking so many strict royal rules!

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Like arriving to the premiere after Harry and Meghan, calling Meghan "my princess," and embracing the royal instead of just shaking hands.

We guess royalty does, indeed, get nervous around royalty.

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Oh, well, this is Bey we're talking about.

She can do what she wants, right?

And we're all still mega grateful that she taught us her brilliant dress hack.

We wonder what under tricks Beyoncé has under her sleeve?

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But for now, all that matters is that these two Queens met.

And, given that it was "The Lion King" that brought them together, hopefully, part of the same pack.

Be still our hearts.