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12+ Photos That Prove Makeup Is Basically Magic

Makeup can be truly transformative. It can take you from day to night or from plain to wow in just a few minutes. If you know what you're doing that is.

These makeup transformations show that with the right touch of a makeup magician you can become a better version of yourself in no time.

1. Seeing Red

This bold red lipstick is the key to this stunning makeup transformation. When you finish your look like this, you will truly stand out and gain confidence.

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2. Skin Troubles Be Gone

Sometimes it takes a little bit of cover-up to start to feel like yourself again. So good to see beauty shine through here.

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3. A Fresh Face

It's amazing what can be achieved with the right eye makeup. This gorgeous look is making this lady's eyes pop and completing this clean look.

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4. Clean Sweep

Wow, I can't get over the before and after pictures of this pretty lady. All the blemishes and imperfections have literally vanished away. I'm really impressed.

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5. No More Sun Damage

Sun damage can be such a challenge to deal with. But this awesome makeup job makes it look virtually non-existent here. How lovely.

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6. From Plain To Kim K

You too can channel your inner Kim K if you work with the right makeup artist. I bet this girl is glad she did.

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7. Inner Diva

Let your inner diva come out and play for a night with this sultry and definitely head-turning look that's been created with only makeup and hair.

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8. Vamp It Up

If you're gonna go for it, go for it with gusto. A bold eye like this is going to stop traffic so be ready for it.

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9. Old Glamour

If you've always admired old Hollywood glamour, this look is for you. It's pretty amazing that this is the same lady. I'm obsessed with this look.

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10. All Illuminated

The right highlights and accents can really make your makeup stand out in a good way. This fresh look is all this lady needed. Simply gorgeous.

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11. Just Have Fun With It

Haha! I'm loving this side-by-side comparison that shows what kind of amazing things makeup can do. Go bold or go home.

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12. All Grown Up

Even a young lady sometimes needs a more sophisticated look, so makeup can do wonders in this case. This smokey eye is just fierce on her.

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13. Pin-Up Style

Get transformed from just an ordinary girl to that pin-up bombshell you've had hidden inside of you just waiting to get out. Va va va voom.

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Isn't it wonderful to see these ladies come out of their shells and embrace all their beauty with the right makeup? I get a kick out of looking at these.

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