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13+ People Share The Mild Inconveniences That Drive Them Absolutely Insane

Sydney Brooman 16 Jul 2019

We're only human, and sometimes, being human involves getting a sudden blast of unadulterated rage over the smallest, most minuscule inconveniences.

We know that these 'issues' are petty first world problems that aren't causing any actual harm, but we're going to complain about them anyway—and nothing can stop us.

The people of the internet recently took to Reddit to share which tiny inconveniences drive them absolutely up the wall, and I'll be legitimately shocked if you can get through this list without needing to breathe deeply and count down from ten.

1. No Butting

Instagram | @wildgoatwoodwork

"When someone goes to shower/bathroom right as you were about to," this person writes, "You need to announce your intentions some time in advance. Not enough time for them to usurp though."

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2. The Robots Are Getting Smarter

Instagram | @speaking_lyricallyle

"Enter password. Your password is incorrect. Request password reset, enter what you want it to be. You cannot use your current password as your new password," one man writes, "Like, that is the MOST annoying thing."

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3. Blink Twice

Instagram | @jo_fleming_ghrealt

"Drivers who don't indicate when changing lanes," this person says, "It doesn't even take a second."

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4. Slow Going

Instagram | @slammduncs

"Slow walkers on sidewalks just move outta the way," this woman says, "I'm speaking about the people that are in the way not just slow but the ones you can't get pass after an attempt or two or that just flat out make it impossible to go around."

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5. Snatched

Instagram | @marvellaholic

"My earbuds being caught by their cord behind something," this person writes, "And then getting yanked out of my ears, infuriating."

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6. Blue Screen Of Death

Instagram | @brauniusengineering

"When my laptop runs out of battery just as a plug the charger in," one guy comments, "Too little too late I guess."

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7. Looptie Loop

Instagram | @whatmyshoessay

"Having to untie my shoes to put them on," this person writes, "I always try to just slip my foot in but then I crush that part at the back and mess up the shoe."

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8. No Rest For The Wicked

Instagram | @sonya.sunflower

"Getting all comfortable in bed, well positioned and everything, then releasing you forgot something in the living room/kitchen and having to get up and get it," this person writes.

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9. Cut The Cord

Instagram | @francine_coudre

"Realizing your phone charger wasn't plugged in properly before going to bed," one girl shares, "Now I have to take a full hour sitting around in the morning waiting for it to charge?"

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10. An Apple A Day

Instagram | @adamwain

"People eating loudly," this person writes, "Gross. Not okay. Should be illegal."

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11. Nailed It

Instagram | @nailenvybyemz

"Breaking a nail, which is horrible on it's own already," this person writes, "And not having a nail file with me to fix the jagged edges so it keeps getting caught on things."

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12. Loosey Goosey

Instagram | @lauralovelysocks

"Socks that are too loose, especially at the ankles," one guy writes, "Sweating. I hate sweating so much. I just feel incredibly gross."

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13. Love Is An Open Door

Instagram | @sfkaty

"When someone opens my door, comes into my room for a few seconds and then leaves the damn door open," this man reveals, "Sure I could get up and close it. But I did that last time you came in. And the time before."

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14. Dish Em Out

Instagram | @a_some_dish

"A dish in the dishwasher not being clean," this person writes, "Because another was up against it due to some moron not loading it properly."

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15. MicroWAVE Goodbye

Instagram | @kristenamerth

"People not clearing the time left on a microwave," one person shares, "It's just not okay."

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16. Stop And Go

Instagram | @amandastar1

"When I get in an elevator and am riding to a high floor, and just before the doors close a bunch of people get in and they all stop on a different floor," one woman writes, "Turning what would have been a smooth ride to the top into a start-stop, jerky journey."

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17. Four Eyes

Instagram | @hollandoptician

"Falling asleep with my glasses on and not having them on when I wake up," one woman writes, "I have to move like a crazy slow ninja until I find them lest I break them. Usually they are tangled up in the bed sheets but once I found them in the bathroom."

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18. Pull The Plug

Reddit | mrroussso

"When you cant plug something into a power strip," this person shares, "Because the plugs are too big and the outlets are too close together."

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19. All Stuffed Up

Instagram | @eztephen

"When you have a stuffed nose and trying to sleep and need to consciously breath," one guy writes, "Though this is less of an inconvenience and more hell on earth."

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20. Key To My Heart

Instagram | tamsinmillen

"Dropping your keys trying to open the door," one person shares, "It always happens at the worst possible times, like when you gotta piss real bad, or your hands are full with bags."

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21. Walk Out Closet

Instagram | @kierholmes

"When I grab a hanger in my closet," this person shares, "And 46 other hangers come with it no matter how organized it was."

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22. Bows

Instagram | @rtpaige_

"Washing your face in the bathroom sink and the water trickling down your arms towards your elbows," this person writes, "I keep sweatbands by my sink for this reason."

h/t: Ask Reddit

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23. CARTier

Instagram | @kasey_camera

"When two people in a shop stop, trolleys side by side and block the entire aisle just to have a conversation," one women writes, "Like, follow normal grocery store traffic rules please."

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24. Aux Chord

Instagram | @porshe9964s2003

"When my Bluetooth doesn't connect in the car," this guy writes, "It makes me want to stab my phone even though it's not a big deal at all and has zero effect on my life."

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25. Sore Loser

Instagram | @odins_garbageman

"Biting my lip then having to avoid the sore for the next week while I eat," this woman shares, "Even worse - biting an already-bitten lip."

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26. Banking On It

Instagram | @unreliableatm

"ATM fees," one person writes, "I will walk to another one, even if it’s ages away just to avoid paying a fee even if I’m wildly inconvenienced in the process. Yes I know it’s petty."

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27. RattiTOOLONG

Instagram | @butler_hkb

"Having to scroll 5 pages to get to the recipe," this woman writes, "Yeh ok i get it, you lost your virginity on a warm spring day and then ate this salad. Get to the point."

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28. Mommy Dearest

Instagram | @minkimchi-crafts

"When your mom calls you and you reply 'what' a few times but she doesn't answer," this person writes, "So you actually have to go downstairs to see whats up, then she says 'oh never mind'."

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29. Crappichino

Instagram | @alinnoelle

"Getting stuck behind complex orders at a coffee shop," this guy writes, "I just want a small black coffee but I've got to wait 5 minutes while yoga mom details milk-to-foam ratios and numbers of pumps of chocolate syrup."

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