The Final Season Of 'The Deuce' Premieres On September 9

The Deuce is returning for its third and final season September 9th.

The show sheds a light on the sex industry between the 1970s-1980s in New York.

James Franco, one of the stars of the show confirmed that the show was meant to only be three seasons.

So the cast and crew are getting the ending they always wanted.

He had this to say about the length of the show:

"It gives it this perfectly encapsulated, very concise, economical power punch feeling to it," the actor said.

What will the third season be covering?

"From the beginning, the plan was to cover 14 years ... The third season will be '84-'85 when everything imploded and the old 42nd Street was shut down by Mayor [Ed] Koch." he said.

Will you be watching?

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