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8+ Times Haters Went After Meghan Markle For The Dumbest Reasons

Meghan Markle has had to put up with more hate from trolls in the last two years than any member of the royal family has, ever — and she hasn't done anything to deserve it.

Meghan Markle gets a ton of hate from British press and fans of the royal family alike.

Here I was, all this time, assuming everyone loved Meghan as much as I do.

But I was sadly mistaken, because she happens to be a perpetually ridiculed target.

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From racism and dark, twisted conspiracy theories, to being hated on for the color of nail polish she wears, Meghan can't seem to catch a break.

The time she was clapping too vigorously for her friend, Serena Williams, at Wimbledon.

God forbid she cheers on one of her best friends while they compete in a tennis championship.

The time she asked fans not to take photos of her at Wimbledon.

I can't even imagine being criticized for not wanting your photo taken.

She is a human being, not an exhibit.

For wearing jeans at Wimbledon.

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Guys, it's a tennis match.

A sporting event.

It would be weird not to wear jeans to something like that.

Not to mention, she had a baby two months ago. Let the woman wear whatever she wants!

If she feels most comfortable in her favorite pair of jeans, so be it.

The time she was supposedly holding her son "awkwardly".

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Even if she were holding baby Archie in a way that seemed awkward — which I don't think she is — she's only been a mother for two months. Cut her some slack?

They really came for her.

I personally don't see anything wrong with how she's holding her son.

Archie looks like he's chilling comfortably and that's all that matters.

When her dress was too tight.

First of all, she looked stunning in this dress. It didn't seem ill-fitting at all.

This was probably just skin irritation from the fabric of the dress.

But leave it to the trolls to assume the worst.

For wearing black too often.

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Black is the most flattering color to wear. Don't @ me.

But either way — somebody choosing to wear a certain color more often than others should not affect you in any way?

The time they hated on her for the way she looks at people.

Okay. This one is actually ridiculous.

She can't control the way she looks at people? That's just her face? SMH.

When people thought her pregnancy was fake.

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This one still blows my mind.

Anti-Meghan trolls were determined to prove that her entire pregnancy was a sham and that she was wearing a prosthetic baby bump.

For the way she cupped her own belly while she was pregnant.

I don't see how pregnant women holding their own bellies affects anyone besides them.

This shouldn't be an issue.

For the times she wore dark nail polish.

Dark nail polish looks fierce AF.

Meghan, if you're reading this — which you're probably not — never stop wearing dark nail polish. Forget the haters. I support you.

PSA: Leave Meghan Markle alone, please!

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She literally deserves a medal for the amount of online bullying she has had to endure since marrying Prince Harry.

Do you think royal family fans are too hard on her?