16 Awful Haircuts So Bad They Inspired 'Say No More' Memes

We've all been there. Excited to get a new 'do, we sit through an hour of small talk with our hairstylist, get itchy as hell when a couple of cut ends fall inside our shirt, and prepare to look baller AF when the stylist spins us around.

And then, in the excitement of it all, we see our reflection and our heart sinks into the pit of our stomach. That new 'do is so bad that it could become a meme — just like these did.

1. Barber: "Alright, fam, what you want?"

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Him: "Yeah, um, you ever heard of the show Strawberry Shortcake? You ever spread jam on ya' toast in the morning?"

Barber: "Say no more!"

2. This hair is geometric as hell — Lisa Simpson would be proud of this imitation.

Imgur | foreverweird

Though I can't say I believe that this was his intention. What could he have been trying to achieve?

3. Haters only speak when your back is turned. You gotta keep an eye out just in case they try to make a move.

Imgur | foreverweird

This is like the "Deal with it" meme of haircuts. ?

4. That's definitely one way to keep an open mind.

Imgur | foreverweird

I guess his barber took that waaay too seriously. Kinda looks like the perfect spot to place your phone, though, so maybe that was it.

5. When you have a hair appointment at 10:00 a.m. but brunch at 11:00 a.m.

Imgur | foreverweird

It just seems impossible to have messed up this hair dye job so badly. What kind of trend were they trying to achieve?

6. Is it cultural appropriation to steal Gohan's look? No, probably not, but you shouldn't do it anyways.

Imgur | foreverweird

'Bout to destroy this guy and his entire look with my own Kamehameha.

7. Geico's got you covered in an entirely different way.

Imgur | foreverweird

When they say full coverage, though, don't believe 'em. Look at that hairline! That's straight blasphemy.

8. This guy literally has a bunch of Unowns floating around on his scalp.  

Imgur | foreverweird

I guess when Pokémon is life, you gotta let the people know — even if you like the weirdest Pokémon.

9. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Imgur | ifyouarereadingthisyouwillsooncometotheconclusionthisisnothing

Well, this guy certainly wants to! And with the way things are unfolding here on the land, it doesn't seem like a terrible idea.

10. Pretty sure the Windows startup sound effect played when this barber was done with this statement piece.

Imgur | ifyouarereadingthisyouwillsooncometotheconclusionthisisnothing

The shading on each square is actually really impressive — I can barely shade that well with a pencil!

11. SpongeBob seems to be a pot of inspiration for godawful hairstyles these days. 

Imgur | ifyouarereadingthisyouwillsooncometotheconclusionthisisnothing

I guess that's what happens when you grow up watching sponge shenanigans under the sea.

12. Then Moses stretched out his hand over the head, and all that night the Lord drove the hair part back with a strong east wind... 

Imgur | foreverweird

The hairs were divided.

13. This isn't just a haircut — it's a perfect example of functional art.

Imgur | foreverweird

This is a phenomenal back-to-school look for anyone trying to slack off before even getting started aka ME!

14. This is a style for every kid whose mom just laughs when they say they're grown.

Imgur | foreverweird

I'M GROWN, MAMA. Just wait until after my haircut. I'll show you — I'll show them all!

15. 'Bout to try and scan this man's forehead with MyFitnessPal to see what comes up.

Imgur | foreverweird

Honestly, though, this is low-key iconic, 'cause who else is going to have a barcode 'do?

16. Well, it kinda seems like this guy tried to imitate the iconic barcode look. 

Imgur | foreverweird

But let's be real — he failed miserably.

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