15+ People Who Absolutely Didn't Get What They Wanted

Growing up, we all had that moment where we got a birthday gift we didn't want. If you asked for a Transformer, you probably got a Go-Bot. But it was a Go-Bot that fell off the back of a truck and partially melted somehow.

We were told we had to pretend to like it so Grandma's feelings wouldn't get hurt, but not all of us had it in them to give an Oscar-caliber performance.

So if there's anything good about these people's situations, it's that they could keep their reactions 100.

1. Most dogs tend to look guilty when they mess up our stuff, but this devious rascal doesn't even look a little bit sorry.

Reddit | Wyatt644

"Let's get this perfectly clear. I decide when it's time for a walk and you'll play along or your phone is next."

2. This tree man is getting arrested because he was blocking the road.

Reddit | medjarray7

It's possible that he wanted this, but I don't know. He looks pretty bummed out about it.

It's so unfair that after all that effort of uprooting, it's still not good enough for them.

3. This was risky for kids, so I don't know why this guy thought he could dance with the spiral devil.

Reddit | Samxvalle

Sometimes what you think you want isn't what you really want.

Especially when you're stuck debating if it's less painful to try the top or bottom path.

4. I hope this guy didn't think that wearing a plastic fire hazard on his head was smart, but I need to know what his other options were.

Reddit | basshead541

And while we're at it, what's so urgent that he couldn't wait until he found something safer? Literally anything would've been better than this.

5. So, yeah, just in case you didn't have enough to worry about, phones can just suddenly get invaded by the color purple.

Reddit | turtlrex

I don't know anything about how this happened or what causes the purple plague, but apparently, this only took 10 hours.

Sleep tight, children.

6. Apparently, this kid just learned that adult meals don't come with free ice cream.

Reddit | bwhann2

And I feel pretty bad for him, but I also have to admit it's a surprisingly good metaphor for adulthood.

We all miss our free ice cream, young'un. And not having bills.

7. It's bad enough when somebody's cooking starts a fire, but it turns out we can mess it up so bad that we actually summon a flame demon.

Reddit | zibsha

What's the difference? Well, normal fire just goes about without thinking or feeling. But the demon knows exactly what to burn.

8. This picture tells a tragic tale of loss, but the tale gets even sadder when we realize how quickly they gave up.

Reddit | undertippedwaitress

They dropped an entire pizza, but not one slice of it is upturned. Once it landed topping-side down, they knew it was all over.

9. Well, it's not hard to tell what desire was left unfulfilled for this guy — the need for a challenge.

Reddit | Goal1

If he took more pictures of this experience, I think there'd be one of the mom rolling her eyes before agreeing to hide for him.

10. I know that nobody wanted this to happen, but I'm utterly baffled as to how it did.

Reddit | Diggajuu

Soda cans will explode when you leave them in the fridge, but I didn't know they could also be that friend who tricks ice cubes into doing stupid stuff.

11. It might help to know what kind of argument they were having, because I don't know if anyone's ever made me so mad that I got this creative.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

And toothbrushes aren't even that expensive, so this was clearly an act of psychological warfare.

I guess it worked.

12. So did this just fall off right then, or does the driver have to take it off every time they fill up their gas?

Reddit | V8TITAN

I'd know the answer if I had the chance to examine that thing. If the owner sees me checking it out and yells "Please, just take it off my hands!" then it's definitely the second one.

13. I'm having a really hard time telling if this house was built like this or if it's just falling apart.

Getty Images | Crsten Pesch / EyeEm

I'm pretty sure houses don't usually melt inwards for no reason, but who's crazy enough to design an open-faced building?

It's clear why nobody wants it, though.

14. This man's perfect "ugh, whatever" face is basically how I treat half of the things that are wrong with my life.

Reddit | QwertyLime

And that's why I can guarantee his next face will be saying "OK, fine" when the fire gets too big.

15. I didn't know it was possible to make the man they rightly call Hova look so much like a goober, so I can understand his frustration.

Instagram | @will_ent

Mind you, he'll be the one laughing at the rest of us since that powerful mind of his is protected.

16. And, of course, we couldn't talk about the things that nobody wants without bringing up this two-for-one deal from hell.

Reddit | Reddit

So not only is there a giant log in this toilet, but there's a large bird too? Did it make friends with the inevitable toilet alligator?

17. The guy asked for extra mayo on his Spicy McChicken, and got all the mayo they had left, apparently.

Imgur | grauncho

Makes you wonder what he said to piss off the burger flipper so badly he ended up with this disaster.

18. There's having faith in your team, and then there's tattooing a championship that hasn't happened yet on your body.

Reddit | DavePoi

And I don't think it can easily be changed to read "England 2018 World Cup Fourth Place Winners."

19. I know flying economy class is a nightmare, but is it too much to ask to travel without a stranger's toes under your butt?

Reddit | Mortadelllla

The chairs aren't exactly a haven of comfort even before you add in someone else's pedicure.

20. The person in charge of this bakery's labels is, at best, an eternal optimist.

Reddit | xxshadowraidxx

Yeah, unicorns, that's precisely what comes to mind when you see this cake decorating job. Anybody want to take a unicorn cake home with them?

21. Okay, I feel for this guy who just wanted some bacon but didn't want to wait until it was done in the pan.

Reddit | strooticus

I'm with you, cat buddy. I, too, have been impatient for bacon. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

22. When you think you've adequately prepared for an afternoon in the sun, the sun will show you exactly where you went wrong.

Reddit | PurellHS

Turns out you really want to rub in spray-on sunscreen, just like the lotion.

23. Um, I don't think those signs are working very well.

Reddit | CrustyCarltheSadist

Well, at least there's an option to get more of the training that's clearly needed. And it's free! Let's hope in this case that you don't get what you pay for.

24. Yeah, that's Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi, holding a big ol' jug of Australian weed killer.

Twitter | @TerriIrwin

I guess when you think about it, this is Steve's fault for naming her after weeds.

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