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Jason Momoa's Kids Look Just Like Him And It's Freaking Us Out

This past week, the internet proved it's a terrible place has been saying that Aquaman star, Jason Momoa has a dad bod.

Yes, really.

What they may not realize is 1) he's hot AF, so back off and 2) Jason actually does have kids!

And, as it turns out, they look freakishly like him!

Jason Momao is now the new face of the "dad bod" ⁠— at least, according to some body shamers online.

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They started passing around that phrase when images from Jason's recent vacation began circulating online.

Here's the pic that's gotten some people heated online.

They say "dad bod," but all we see is one fine specimen.

It's led to some pretty nasty comments.

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Thankfully, there's also been a lot of folks started defending the star.

"I would kill for that!" said one person on Instagram about his bod. "Forget the haters."

If loving a dad bod is wrong, we don't want to be right.


Thing is, Momoa can have a dad bod if he wants to, since he is a dad!

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He's the papa to two adorable kiddos, Lolo and Nakoa-Wolf that he shares with wife, Lisa Bonet.

Lola is 11 and, judging by this sweet tribute by Jason, a total Daddy's girl.

She also happens to look just like him!

The genetic pool was also working hard for his son, Nakoa-Wolf, although Jason usually calls just him "Wolf."

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That hair!

He's practically Jason's mini-me!

He's also a stepfather to Zoë Kravis, even though they're nine years apart in age.

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Zoe even calls him "papa bear."

She's the daughter Lisa had with ex-husband and singer, Lenny Kravitz.

Their bond is so strong, they even have matching tattoos that says "etre toujours ivre."

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This is French for "always be drunk."

This is a philosophy we can live by.

To add to the adorableness, he and his kiddos dress the same sometimes!

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They've also got some of his quirks, like sticking their tongues out often.

These kids are living the dream.

They get to say that their dad is Aquaman!

They've rubbed elbows with Hollywood celebs.

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They also got to meet Slash (although we think that was mainly Dad's dream).

Jason is such a family man, he even has an adorable saying for his loved ones.

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It's "Ohana," which is a Hawaiian term meaning "family."

If you look closely in the social media captions he shares of his family online, you're bound to see it.

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This is a guy who truly loves his family.

And that happens to make him alllll the more loveable.

You know, if that were even possible.

We love you, Papi!