You Can Now Buy A Cottage That Comes With Its Own Go Kart Track

There's a different feeling that comes from spending a little time at a cottage. Although it can sometimes feel warmer than you might like and involve a lot of exposure to some annoying bugs, there was a nice, serene atmosphere surrounding any of the ones I've been to.

And as a kid, this was a much better way to get in touch with these beautiful surroundings than camping because it's a lot harder to play your friend's N64 once you've taken in the surroundings when you're camping.

But as much as I think we had it made at the time, my friend and I would definitely not have said no to what one cottage in Ireland would have in store for us.

There's a cozy place in Castlefinn, Ireland known as the Sessiagh Cottage.

According to the real estate firm Ronan McAnenny Ltd, it's a modest cottage with two bedrooms that they also described as being a "well maintained family home."

Indeed, it definitely seems like a charming place and largely fits the bill for a traditional cottage.

For instance, the listing said the place is warmed by an oil-fired central heating system and also features a solid fuel stove and cast iron radiators.

You also might notice that it has a washing machine in the kitchen.

This is actually fairly common throughout the U.K. and Ireland, as many older homes aren't big enough to feature a laundry room.

But of course, there's one big difference between this place and most quaint, traditional cottages.

As The Irish Mirror reported, this one features a 0.6 mile Go Kart track that's designed for drivers to go up to 55 piles per hour on.

Not only that, but the cottage's owners have already turned their track into a Go Kart racing business.

So if that's a business that you're interested in developing yourself, the listing explicitly encourages you to take advantage of the resources on hand.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, you should also be aware that this cottage costs the equivalent of $366,000.

On the plus side, The Irish Mirror reported that no renovations are required on it and it's ready for any new owners to move in, so weigh the pros and cons and see what you think.

h/t:, The Irish Mirror