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16+ Pics That Made Us Squirm The More We Looked At Them

We all know that we can't describe everything as "a pretty sight," but some things achieve that look in such an odd way that we sudden;y become uncomfortable without necessarily knowing why.

These things tend not to activate our "NOPE" modes and they're not always exactly creepy, but they give a feeling that's almost like we're itchy inside.

And yet, while this isn't a pleasant feeling per se, there's something oddly mesmerizing about the things that inspire it in us. So, the photos we're about to see may be hard to look away from.

It may not be apparent at first, but these are all human teeth.

Reddit | mrdeadhead91

For some reason, hundreds of them were sprawled around a dumpster and the only way this isn't worrying is if there's a dentist's office nearby.

If they're going to do something this disrespectful of our privacy, they might as well get rid of the door entirely.

Reddit | Energylegs23

After all, it's not like someone who really wants to get into this stall will have a hard time thanks to this gaping hole where more door should be.

This popped up at an estate sale and I'm sure whether we should be glad that this is labeled or not.

Reddit | AstroBillyBob

On one hand, this definitely isn't something we'd want to purchase by accident, but I'm also not sure I'll ever be able to forget what a walrus penis looks like.

Sometimes, all it takes is the right combination of costume pieces to make something horrifying.

Reddit | CamTheChest

I wouldn't have guessed that there was a way to make Jigglypuff unnerving, but a suit that makes it look like your skin is missing seems to do the trick.

I wonder if the song sounds any different now.

I can definitely appreciate the looks on everyone's faces because what do you even say to something like this?

Reddit | Ostrantula

Although I'm feeling more uncomfortable for this person than anything because there's no way it feels good to tie bread that tightly to yourself.

Based on how toilets like this are usually made, the barbed wire is probably safely inside the clear seat.

Reddit | Ostrantula

Still, it would take a lot of careful prodding before I was confident enough in that conclusion to actually sit down.

Some of you might already know this, but a face mask won't necessarily look as cute on a human face as it did in the package.

Reddit | pauldrye

Even the most innocent of cartoon characters can look like they're about to celebrate The Purge if these things aren't designed carefully.

There's a chance that some of the things in this picture are photoshopped, but that still leaves some unnerving parts that aren't.


After all, it won't be too reassuring to learn that the bugs aren't really there if the creepy doll or the hanging cow hide contraption actually is.

This probably wouldn't be so vaguely discomforting if we actually knew what this guy was supposed to be.

Reddit | wellyouarewhoyouare

Like, it would actually be kind of charming if it was a costume for a cheesy Bigfoot movie, but there's no guarantee that the woman in this photo was even expecting this to be here.

At least it seems friendly enough?

Believe it or not, this tomato is probably safe to eat.

Reddit | shartcrossedlover

According to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, these seedlings can sprout when a tomato is overripe and the seeds "wake up," but long storage in colder temperatures, potassium deficiency, and fertilizing with too much nitrogen can also make this happen.

This image is going to be hard to look at, but it helps to remember that nothing in it is happening to a real person.

Reddit | mostlyaccurate

These two men are definitely fixing a realistic-looking animatronic.

If I had to guess, I'd say this will be in a Disney attraction like the Hall of Presidents once it's fixed up, as it's hard to think of too many of these that are supposed to look human.

One day, the uploader woke up to find this lying around on their neighbor's property.

Reddit | princesskuzco666

They said this neighbor is about 60-years-old and lives alone, which made them even more curious about what they could possibly be planning to use King Kong here for.

Trust me, if anything felt missing from my bathroom experiences, it certainly wasn't "shells and rocks digging into my skin."

Reddit | kayleypurks

I can't say I'm surprised that this toilet isn't being used right now, and I'll be even less surprised if it stays in storage forever.

This friendly fellow is apparently known as a hammer-headed bat.

Reddit | MD91089

Not only is the size a lot bigger than most people want to see in a bat, but it probably manages to look menacing even on its most chipper days.

The uploader described this as the first time they were scared in a urinal.

Reddit | KnowerOfSomeThings

Not only is this a weird message to surprise people with, but the page was apparently wet for reasons they didn't want to consider.

It's hard to blame them, really.

I can only hope that I never find myself alone in a room with anybody making this face.

Reddit | Get_Outta_My_Account

Not only should the the worlds of humans and cartoon rabbits never collide like this, but any eyes that stare into me like this will never get out of my nightmares.

If you manage to pass by this sight without rubbernecking, you must have some iron willpower.

Reddit | TheRealAspidistra

Sure, there are many reasons why a police vehicle could overturn, but I definitely need to know which of them involves a man in a squirrel suit.

I mean, at least he's wearing a seat belt?

Reddit | howmanyletterscaniu

There's just something unsettling about seeing a dead animal in plastic ride in the passenger seat of a car. Like, in a different way than seeing grocery store pork chops.

I'm curious as to whether they've tried to eat ice cream cones like that.

Reddit | frost-1

What do we even call this kind of kiss? the 'Lick-er'up'? The 'tongue twister'? The 'Holy Moley'?

Musical chairs anyone?

Reddit | Theroz

I'm confused, but at the same time, I'd almost rather not know why all those chairs are there.

Dang it Kyle, not again.

Reddit | SoupCollector

I'm not even religious, but the longer I look at this photo, the more I feel like we've sinned for allowing this into existence.

Some disguises just aren't as good as others.

Reddit | Heil-Merkel

Although, I do love me some panda gators.

Ah rats!

Reddit | Pyfled

You can look at this one of two ways: either the rat died via electrocution, or someone set up a sick skeleton DJ diorama.

Easter seems delightfully far away now.

Reddit | Roos85

I'm not exactly sure what disease is festering on this poor bunny, but I do know that I want nothing to do with it.

Everyone has their relaxation methods, right?

Reddit | edmartech

Though not everyone is able to produce the earth's creepiest aesthetic.

Is there such a thing as being TOO cool as a cucumber?

Reddit | Mifficer

There's a spa treatment, and then there's, um, whatever that is.

What scene from "Finding Nemo" is this?

Reddit | iqueerified

Pixar is shook.

Whoever decided to make this statue a water fountain had to be trolling everyone who lives here.

Reddit | d_nijmegen

Not only does it look really awkward to use, but I don't even want to imagine how thirsty I'd have to be to let people see me like this.

This person's foot swelled so much that they described it as looking like a flipper.

Reddit | attackedmoose

Apparently, this all came from one wasp sting as well. That's a shame because it's already very easy to hate wasps when they don't trip up an allergy that does this to us.

This woman is apparently a judge at a beauty pageant and it seems like anybody looking for an easy way to win her over won't find one.

Reddit | orphffn

Sure, she might scare contestants higher if they show the same...appreciation for long nails as she has, but I wouldn't call that an "easy way."

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