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Terry Crews' Audition For King Triton Is The Most Amazing Thing We've Seen Today

Hi, welcome to everyone's new favorite meme: casting people as The Little Mermaid characters.

A ton of big celebrities have gotten in on it, but the person who has leaned in the hardest is (no surprise) Terry Crews.

And honestly? It's iconic.

Disney started announcing the live-action cast for "The Little Mermaid".

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They absolutely crushed it by casting Halle Bailey, who genuinely looks like Ariel.

However, soon speculation began for who would join Ariel under the sea...and just like that, a meme was born.

Who will play Ursula?

Guy Fieri, duh.

Not only did the 'ol GF see himself being meme'd, he leaned into it. We love a man who knows he's a walking, talking meme and is cool with it.

Okay, but hear me out...

Maybe the whole cast should just be Halle and a variety of celebrity chefs?

Chef Ramsey wasn't too into the idea...not because he doesn't want to do it, but because he says he can't act.

"The Little Mermaid," but make it drag queens.

If Disney isn't into the celebrity chef angle, may I suggest: drag queens.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (aka Miss Vanjie) could definitely be Vanessa. Prove me wrong. Actually don't, because I wanna live in a world where people agree this is a good choice. Thank you.

As for King Triton? Twitter had more ideas.

Idris Elba as weirdly ripped King Triton? I would like to see it.

A lot of people were rallying around the idea of Idris as King Triton, but a new challenger emerged...

King Triton? More like King Terry.

Terry Crews is super into being King Triton. And that is not an exaggeration.

He kicked things off with a simple (okay, not-so-simple) Photoshop rendering of himself as King Triton.

It did not end there.

Fans quickly jumped on board that train.

The same artist who drew up King Idris did another piece for King Terry.

So. Yes. This 100% works, guys. Should he still have all white hair? I'd be okay if it was a little darker, tbh.

Terry LOVED it.

I'm actually pretty convinced that this is what inspired Terry to take the whole "Terry Crews as King Triton" campaign to another level.

Like, it works. I want to see this happen now.

Guys, he wrote his own version of "Under the Sea."

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I'm so happy to report that I'm not joking.

He fully got in front of a camera and decided to sing his own rendition of "Under the Sea," but with some Terry Crews flavor.

Gotta bring up those pecs.

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You know what, his pecs probably are better than King Triton's. I mean, it's Terry. Terry love exercise.

Disney! Hire this man! Otherwise he will probably keep making videos!

Oh, shade.

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Wow, Terry really came for King Triton like that?

I feel like I need to point out that he's holding a trident, but one tell him. He's having a good time.

Okay, then it turns into an ad.

Terry currently hosts American's Got Talent on NBC, so he ended the video by telling everyone to watch it to see how perfect he is for the role of King Triton.

People were super into it.

Can Terry sing? know, I don't know if I'm qualified to answer that!

But could he play every character in The Little Mermaid? Yes. I truly believe he could achieve it through sheer determination alone.

Yvette Nicole Brown was super on his team.

You won't get anywhere if you don't try, right?

Also while we're here: NBC needs to get Yvette on Brooklyn 99 like, yesterday. The fact that she hasn't been on it yet is crazy.

Hey, can you tell Terry really wants to be King Triton?

Someone call up the House of Mouse and let them know that their search for King Triton is over.

So, you know, go retweet his petition and show him some love, if you want!