13+ Bizarre Things That Really Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb

Our eyes do a lot of work for us, constantly scanning our surroundings for new and interesting stuff. Unfortunately, day-to-day existence can sometimes be bland. Reward your hard-working ocular units by giving them a look at something different.

A journey.


I've always thought frogs are pretty cool, so I'd be totally stoked to wake up to find a frog on my window. The weird tracks it's made getting there are just a bonus.

It isn't much, but it's honest work.

Reddit | RyanDhawk

Any restaurant with enough attention to detail to use miniature shovels and pitchforks as cutlery is probably worth a visit. I wonder what kind of overall theme this place has.

Man vs. nature.

Reddit | Duuval123

Tree roots are known to do all kinds of unpredictable things in their quest for survival. Here, they've neatly wrapped around this curb, avoiding the road in the process.

See, potato chips *are* vegetables.

Reddit | Plantsplantsplants2

If they weren't vegetables, why would there be a piece of potato root hanging off of this processed, rippled, fried morsel of deliciousness? In all seriousness, getting this on a chip would weird me out.

Keys made? That's an understatement.

Reddit | ReDDevil2112

It stands to reason that any locksmith has come across a few (thousand) keys in their time. If you want a visualization, consider the fact that this art is made entirely out of old keys.

When you really hate plastic.

Reddit | TheOfficialNoire

I love the warm aesthetics of woodgrain so I'd be a total sucker for this keyboard and mouse combo. It looks like something Abraham Lincoln would have used.


Reddit | buddha_mac

I know Wario isn't really portrayed as being as evil as he once was, but I'd still feel a lot better about taking this bike path if it was sponsored by someone less ambiguous. Toad maybe?

You're not hidden, but nice fit.

Reddit | Villie_The_Sinner

This moth has either evolved to live out its life perfectly nestled into the corners of baseboards, or this is just an accidental perfect fit. Either way, this moth and these baseboards were made for each other.


Reddit | MrJownz

I'm no scientist, but I understand how shadows work, maybe. What I don't understand is how the shadows of these flags somehow have colors. Like, is it even legal for shadows to do that.


Reddit | flightoffancy85

I'm not sure if these perfectly transparent wings are part of some survival or defense mechanism, but they certainly make this gorgeous butterfly stand out from the rest.

Don't cross the line.

Reddit | polishedpitiful

There's probably a perfectly reasonable meteorological explanation for why these clouds stop abruptly at the coastline. Maybe water vapor and liquid water respect each other's turf and have an agreement to keep their distance.

Quite a kids' book.

Reddit | rr2211

In this happy illustration in a kids' book, we can see all the functions of an airport. I'm not saying it's an unrealistic portrayal, but it might lead to uncomfortable questions about what those police dogs are sniffing out.

Life finds a way.

Reddit | why_jen_why

Seriously, if you needed any proof, consider the fact that these fish live in a puddle in a tree. How did they get there? What happens when the puddle dries? Maybe it's best not to know.

These aren't your grandpa's army men.

Reddit | CryptoAlca

Little green army men seem like one of those toys that have never changed through the decades. Really, they haven't. They've just adapted some yoga exercises to keep them limber for their army man stuff.

King of the savanna.

Reddit | christie9hill

We all know that pets seem to have an elevated sense of self-worth. Your chihuahua might think it's a wolf and your cat might think it's a ferocious tiger. In this case, the dog's shadow is literally that of an elephant.


Reddit | butterfly-the-dick

All sorts of pretty eyes can be seen in cats: green, yellow, blue, even two eyes of different colors. But this is the first time I've seen a cat with Sauron eyes.

This home needed more space.

Reddit | S-8-R

Sure, you might say you love space, but do you love space enough to install a full-blown observatory into your house? Unless this homeowner is reading this list, you probably didn't.

I'm concerned.

Reddit | Loucash

Look, there are two rules when it comes to hot sauce: it needs to be hot, and it needs to come in a shade of red/yellow/orange (or maybe green). This sauce might adhere to the first rule, but it laughs at the second.

Target audience unclear.

Reddit | Rowan926

Chain mail hasn't really been a practical garment since, oh, the 1500s or so. But that hasn't stopped hobbyists from making authentic chain mail...hippie shirts? Something seems amiss here.

One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | lankyoscar

I'd say something here about the relative size difference of this giant eggplants and the eggplant emoji that represents something other than eggplants. But I won't, so you'll have to be content with a pic of this abnormally large eggplant.