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15+ Pics That Mess With Your Brain Until You Realize What's Going On

Ryan Ford 11 Jul 2019

There's something in the prehistoric sections of our brains that tend to react a little primitively when we see something out of the ordinary. There's probably an excellent reason for that, in evolutionary terms. But you'd think we would have shaken some of those shackles off so many years removed from our days in the wilderness.

And yet, here we are, safely behind our computer and phone screens, weirded out by simple pics.

1. I don't remember a green planet in the solar system.

Reddit | stanjolly

Because there really isn't one, and this isn't a picture of a planet — if you look to the bottom right of the circle, you can see a bird. It's a landscape taken through binoculars.

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2. There is a natural explanation for this unnatural-looking building.

Reddit | gonzalofuster

Light's being reflected onto the face of this apartment building during a solar eclipse, creating that wild, wavy pattern.

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3. Meanwhile, in this pic, there's only a hint of another building.

Reddit | TG--

It's just so shiny and reflective, it looks like it's taking the place of the sky above this alleyway.

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4. The wall in this bathroom looks like it's made from weird bricks, but it actually appropriate wallpaper.

Reddit | ThatDarnKayt

Look closely — there are some familiar looking pockets. It's a wall of jean-clad butts.

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5. How are these two lit in such stark difference?

Reddit | Marleybum

A flash from a different camera went off at the same time as this pic was taken. Let's hope the way the light splits the couple isn't an omen.

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6. Twins! Sort of.

Reddit | TheGunt123

Obviously the face is blurred out for privacy, but the plate blending in with the shirt is wild. How are the stripes the exact same shade _and_width?

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7. Wow, how did these trees all get buckets around them?

Reddit | nickykeeng

Well, they all grew right through them. They were left behind at an abandoned nursery and never stopped growing.

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8. This bar and grill has a bonus special menu in the mirror.

Reddit | awake_enough

Because the marker bled through the white paper, the back of the paper is fully legible in the reflection.

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9. And some fun without mirrors.

Reddit | deltim

The way the light hits this entrance way, it looks like a reflection, but it's not.

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10. I would love to believe in little deer that walk across fences like this.

Reddit | LukeD1uk

But of course it's just a matter of perspective. Classic.

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11. Speaking of which, there's a reason we haven't heard of giant spiders descending on St. Louis.

Reddit | cbt711

The spider is on a window, and the arch is far outside, of course.

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12. This spider is something else entirely.

Reddit | Cancer_Smoothie

I guess some bored clothing store workers wanted to scare some folks into needing new pants.

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13. It looks like someone has built a dock on a putting green.

Reddit | ThrillingPanic

But no, the dock is exactly where it's supposed to be. It's just surrounded by bright green algae.

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14. This person appears to be holding a bowl of colorful sands, perhaps?

Reddit | thefledexguy

No, it's much more disturbing than that — it's a bowl of melted gummy worms. Dang, I used to like those.

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15. The invasion of the saucer people is not imminent, as far as we know.

Reddit | RevengeUltez

The glowing form in the middle of this sunset is a reflection from a lamp.

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16. This white cat isn't casting a surprisingly dark shadow.

Reddit | IAMGodAMAA

There's just a second, darker cat lurking behind it in a remarkably similar pose. Also love how the "chat" arrow at the bottom works in French, too.

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17. This camouflage isn't just interesting — it also has a purpose.

Reddit | Genjis_Sword

This is Rocky Mountain National Park, and the bathrooms are intended to not take away from the beautiful natural surroundings.

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18. The regularity of the puddles in this parking lot is a little unsettling.

Reddit | ra3ndy

Until you realize that water has collected in the divots and impressions left behind by car tires.

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19. This man appears to be levitating while checking his phone in a busy street.

Reddit | tommytwooo

While that would definitely be an interesting skill to have (especially since he's doing both things simultaneously), this is actually just the work of shadows and a deceptively sloping road giving the impression that gentleman can levitate on command.

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20. Definitely seems like someone photoshopped a picture of the moon into this picture, doesn't it?

Reddit | lousmer

But in fact, this is what a playground post looks like after years of use has worn it down to almost its base. You see a moon, I see a cosmic jawbreaker.

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21. From a distance, this looks like a wood pole that's rotting away.

Reddit | TheFanciestFox

Actually, those are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of staples that have been stuck to this pole over the years. For some reason, this picture makes me really uncomfortable.

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22. This looks like something straight out of the "Alien" movie franchise.

Tell me that doesn't look like something you'd see attacking some misguided poor space traveler about 20 minutes into one of those movies.

Actually, it's just the leaf of a house plant known as alocasia cuprea! Very cool! But also slightly disturbing to look at.

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23. Some thought this is a bowl of ramen noodles while others believed it was a massive group of maggots.

There are two kinds of people in this world, guys.

This is actually a beer that's been left out for a week and has accumulated this interesting pattern. It's likely one of three bacterial/yest infections: lactobacillus, pediochoccus or brettanomyces.

Or it's the top-view of Justin Timberlake's hair circa the early 2000s. You decide.

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24. For some reason, these clouds refuse to go anywhere past the shoreline.

Reddit | polishedpitiful

Magic? Invisible force-field? Well, more like science. As one Reddit user explained, what we're seeing is what happens when clouds over top of hot sand meet the cold sea air, creating a sort of barrier effect that prevents cloud formation. Still wicked cool to look at.

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25. This isn't a half-sunk boat like it appears to be.

Reddit | ogre_easy

But it did have me fooled at first, especially because of the trees at the top right. No, it's a broken car antenna.

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26. There are four different seasons trapped inside each pane of this window.

Reddit | pommiegurl130

Or at least, that's what it looks like.

In reality, this is just a really well-placed window that is catching different parts of someone's backyard, making it appear that there are four seasons happening outside all at once.

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27. I suppose birds can levitate, but usually not without flapping their wings.

Reddit | Jedi_JJ

This crow just happened to be caught hopping from one post to another at just the right moment.

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28. Yeah the rainbow is pretty, but do you see that planet up in that sky as well?

Reddit | Baconlessness

Of course, it's not actually a planet but is in fact the reflection of someone's steering wheel in the window. Still, definitely made you take a second look, didn't it?

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29. Okay, when did invisible cars actually become a real thing and why did no one tell me?

Reddit | Tittzo

This is actually a black car that has been washed to perfection and now creates a mirror-like effect. But don't be mad if you can't see the car right away. It's definitely there, it just takes a bit of squinting to see it. Yep, there it is.

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