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Photographer Creates Intense Action-Packed Scenes For Toys Using Explosives

Taking a photo might seem simple to many people (except my mom. Sorry mom), but there is more to just taking a quick snap of your friends at a party or of your child smashing cake in their face at their first birthday party.

This is why professional photographers exist. They take photos that tell stories, and they also understand a camera beyond its automatic settings to capture the most amazing scenes.

One photographer is using his expertise to capture toys in pretty dangerous scenarios, but the results are incredible.

Jared Middleton is a photographer that takes incredibly realistic action-packed photos of toys.

He uses small explosives to manipulate the earth surrounding the toys and then quickly captures the immediate effects of the explosions, like debris flying in the air.

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These small explosions make it looks like the toys are caught in an intense battle.

He then takes quick close up shots of the toys, making them look like high-quality stills from action movies.

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He has to act quick to catch rocks and water flying into the air around the toys to get the perfect shot.

You can barely tell that these are toys!

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I am seriously wondering how this Stormtrooper figurine didn't melt!

Make sure you check out his YouTube channel to catch all the behind-the-scenes action.

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