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16+ People Who Are Most Definitely Onto Something

mason.zimmer 11 Jul 2019

Every now and then, we get an idea that seems like the answer to our problems, but only leads us to disappointment.

For instance, I've always found that it's easier to catch bugs in one hand than it is to clap them to death between two, so I started the practice of catching it and then very quickly clapping into the hand the bug is stuck in after I open it.

It's not that this method has completely failed me, but so far it's had a 50% success rate at best, so I'm not really bragging about that.

However, sometimes the weird ideas that some people just come up with can be a lot more promising and we've got some prime examples.

1. This bench can charges your phone with the solar power it collects when nobody is sitting on it.

Reddit | Dreamtastical

One might expect it to get really hot as a result, but those who have encountered these say it's only slightly warmer than usual at worst.

It also collects enough energy to still work at night.

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2. Sometimes, all it takes is a weird idea and some very cooperative friends to enter the annals of history.

Reddit | annoesagun

For instance, these four men are now Guinness World Record holders for being the fastest to run a marathon in a four-person costume.

They also raised $6,500 for a children's charity in the process.

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3. It's always really nice when one great idea snowballs into another one.

Reddit | dworkin18

After the uploader found a creative avenue to complain about how much fur their dog sheds, another person made them aware of an organization that uses donated hair, fur, and fleece to clean up oil spills.

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4. Speaking of dogs, this grocery store in Italy has shopping carts designed to accommodate our furry friends.

Reddit | Quizyeet

In case you're wondering what's so different about them, these carts have a plastic section where the dog is supposed to sit.

That way, you can not only keep them separate from foods, but also ensure their paws don't go through the cart's holes as easily.

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5. Not only is this something that a lot of offices sorely need, but it's not even hard to make.

Reddit | Asuppa180

Once you put the two cups together, you have a dial that shows the most recent time coffee was made so nobody is surprised by any gross, ancient brews.

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6. Having a nice atmosphere can make some tough times on the toilet a little more bearable.

Reddit | Raptor-A

I can definitely recall some times when things weren't going as smoothly or as quickly as I'd like and I would've welcomed the chance to watch some fish quietly cruise around during all of them.

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7. This is a great way to not only let the public know what you do, but to show them you're serious about it.

Reddit | ReDDevil2112

Granted, it doesn't work for every service as a dentist's office decorated with thousands of human teeth would only scare people away.

It's pretty impressive in this context, though.

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8. The way these sticks are arranged is likely to attract attention and reveal the reason to do that all at once.

Reddit | googmunsta69

In this case, these sticks are surrounding a spot where a sea turtle laid some eggs so people don't accidentally step on them.

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9. These little domes are largely intended to stop cars from getting on the sidewalk, but these cyclists have found another use for them.

Reddit | cptn_congo

As you can see, they're also a handy way to steady your bike when you're stopped at a red light.

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10. When there's an accident on the Autobahn in Germany, local drivers know to make their own emergency lane.

Reddit | Priamosish

As one commenter put it, the typical driving culture in Germany treats getting from point A to point B as a team effort rather than something that has to happen competitively.

That seems to make it a lot easier.

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11. Someone had a bunch of old VHS cassettes lying around, so they decided to make a little bird house.

Reddit | SayingThatsRude

If this sounds like something you'd like to try yourself, it's probably a good idea to take the tape out first. That might seem a little too much like food to a curious bird.

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12. This beach towel comes with a big pocket so it stays in place when you put it on a chair.

Reddit | CremasterFlash

It probably won't be long before other clever folks find all sorts of other uses for their towel pocket as well.

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13. Although some are understandably concerned about the ethical quandaries that can come with Deepfake technology, this is a really cool use of it.

Reddit | ctrl-shift-face

The Shining is certainly elevated by Jack Nicholson's iconic performance, but the work of artist "ctrl-shift-face" shows that Jim Carrey would have also been an effective casting choice if the movie came out a lot later.

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14. Someone crocheted a big ol' cigar for their dog and it's pretty terrific.

Reddit | babyfred

This way, the doggo has something fun to chew on and we get to picture it as a 1930s gangster. Everybody wins!

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15. This Korean ice cream company gives each bar a little tray so it doesn't melt all over your hands.

Reddit | R3damnTion

This is another reminder of how often someone can come up with a good idea that's so simple, it's kind of embarrassing that we didn't already have it.

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16. Apparently, just about every grocery store in Germany sells these reusable bags.

Reddit | yellow-hamster

What differentiates these ones from the ones we have stateside is that you can actually wash fruits and vegetables while they're still inside these things.

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17. When this dog passed on, the owner had an obvious reason to cancel the food and medication shipments they ordered from

Reddit | LittleDank

So in response, the company sent this little sympathy basket with a handwritten note attached.

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18. With this handy cooking technique, there's never any confusion as to what's inside the pocket.

Reddit | Tribat_1

I'm not sure how exactly you make empanadas this way, but there are a lot of other foods that could also benefit from this idea.

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19. We've all been in a situation where we've bought the wrong buns for our intended meal.

Reddit | Pirate_Redbeard

Sure, you could cut the hamburger patties in half and line them up on the hotdog bun, but if you're going homemade anyway, just change the shape to match.

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20. It's not just humans who come up with clever solutions.

Reddit | Mothman_Saturniid

One very smart spider set up its web beside a porch light. Just look at all the food its already caught!

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21. Lots of companies are making special products to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing.

Reddit | valuedminority

But Lego's Saturn V rocket kit took it a step further by including exactly 1969 pieces.

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22. The South Carolina Aquarium found a clever and attractive way to deter skateboarders.

Reddit | forter4

The metal decor matches the aquatic theme while ensuring that the stone bench can be used for sitting, not skating.

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23. One smart dad found a way to store leftovers without wasting extra bags.

Reddit | Grozelan

By using a bit of string to separate the sections of sauce, vegetables, and couscous, nothing gets soggy and less plastic is wasted.

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24. This insulated beer glass is perfect for slow drinkers.

Reddit | kart22

I'm one of those people that will nurse a drink for hours, which can be pretty gross on a hot day. Instead of giving into watering it down with ice, this glass uses clever design to keep the drink colder for longer.

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25. If you're the type of person that always tangles your headphones, these might be for you.

Reddit | fadihk

The wires are basically one big zipper, so before tossing them in a pocket or bag, you can zip them right up to avoid tangles.

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26. For some reason, I love this.

Reddit | marabou22

It's actually a prepackaged coffee drink from the convenience store, but the inside seal is decorated to look like Instagram-worthy latte art. It's kind of terrible, but also hilarious.

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27. One movie theater obviously became aware of how much popcorn customers were wasting, so they thought of these special receptacles.

Reddit | konronbonbon

Sometimes we're not ready to take on quite as much as we thought we were, so some farmer's chickens can handle the leftovers for us.

That works.

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28. You may want to joke that this is why you measure twice, but there's a reason for the long top on this picnic table.

Reddit | BKStephens

It allows someone in a wheelchair to roll up to the table too. It's also likely why the table is on the path and not the grass, so if you see one like this, don't "fix" it by moving it onto a less wheelchair-friendly surface.

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29. Whoever put this together definitely knows something about efficiency.

Reddit | WesternAnimator

In case it's hard to tell what's going on here, somebody figured out how to run three different ceiling fans with only one motor.

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