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Turn An Old Fridge Into A Cool Outdoor Bar

Summer is here and what a better way to take advantage of it than to be outside enjoying the warm weather? But while you're in nature you're gonna have to cool off with some cold drinks.

Here's a fabulous idea of turning your old fridge into a cool outdoor bar that's going to provide you with plenty of much-needed refreshments.

This project by Instructables user Matt Makes will turn your old broken up refrigerator into an awesome rustic cooler, ideal for parties, bonfires, and all types of outdoor activities.

Instructables | Matt Makes

Every yard needs one!

If you think this project will set you back some large coin, you'd be wrong.

Instructables | Matt Makes

Most of the materials you'll need can be reused or reclaimed making it about $40.

This project also doesn't require any special tools besides using a few standard items like drills, drivers, and saws.

And you can find an old fridge for cheap on Craigslist.

The good news is that this type of project is pretty easy to complete in about a day or two and it can be a great weekend type of activity.

Then you can reward yourself with a cool drink.

Here are the materials that you will need: Refrigerator, Pallets, Caulking, Liquid Nails, Casters, 2" X 4"s, Misc PVC/Brass Fittings, Rope and Eye Bolts, and Black Spray Paint.

Unsplash | Robert Zunikoff

It's not a huge list!

And here are the tools you will need: Drill/Driver, Chop Saw, Circular Saw, Sander, Caulking Gun, Pry-Bars and Hammers.

Most people who dabble in woodworking should already have these tools.

The first steps to making this are breaking down the pallets and processing the deck boards so that they measure 25.75" long, same as the width of the refrigerator.

Instructables | Matt Makes

Get ready to cut some boards!

Then, of course, you will need to take apart the old refrigerator.

Instructables | Matt Makes

One thing to keep in mind is you must safely remove the Freon lines so get professional help.

After dismantling the refrigerator, now comes the fun part of painting it.

Instructables | Matt Makes

You can skip this step if you happen to get a black refrigerator. The white paint looks unfinished.

After the paint job is finished, the next step is to cover the sides, top, the bottom of the refrigerator as well as the doors with reclaimed pallet wood.

Instructables | Matt Makes

It's all coming together.

In order to make this cooler truly portable, it is important to create a 2" X 4" base for it that can support the weight of the cooler.

Instructables | Matt Makes

You need to keep those drinks cool somehow!

The most challenging part of this project is the waterproofing as refrigerators are not meant to be waterproof when laid horizontally.

Instructables | Matt Makes

But no worries, that's what caulking is for.

Once all the hard work is done now you can concentrate on final touches such as door handles, rope catchers, and chalkboard menu board so people will know the contents.

Instructables | Matt Makes

How cool is this?

This is probably the most fun outdoor project I've seen in a while.

Unsplash | Nik MacMillan

This cooler/bar is such an awesome idea and will add that rustic feel to any summer event.