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Grab A Big Slice Of Summer With This Giant Pizza Pool Float

There's nothing better than chilling poolside in the thick heat and bright sunshine of the summer. And the best part about chilling by the pool? Getting to actually chill IN the pool on a float, comfortably enjoying some snacks and drinks.

But you've got to float in style, and that can definitely be done chilling on one of these giant pizza slice floats.

This pizza float gives us even more reason to love pizza and summer.

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It's completely covered in classic pizza toppings, like mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers, and black olives.

It also comes with two cup holders so you can have a marg in one and some water to hydrate in the other.

The crust acts as a headrest for optimal comfort while lounging.

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I've always been a big crust person, and this one is the most perfect one I've seen in all my years.

Make sure you get one for all your friends to enjoy, too!

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Using the bungee loop connectors on the side of the slices, you can link up to other slices so you don't float away from one another.

Why not create a whole eight slice pie with your pals?

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This really takes "pizza party" to a whole new level!

All this needs? Some real pizza to eat while lounging on a slice.

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