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10+ Things You Need In Your Makeup Bag For Your Summer Vacation

Summer is here and for many of us, that means we can finally take some time off work to head on a road trip or tropical getaway.

No matter where you're headed though, you'll need to make sure your makeup bag has everything you need to look your best on the go.

To help you get started, we've compiled an essential list of everything you need in your makeup bag for your summer vacation.


Out of all travel items to pack in your makeup bag, wipes are the most important.

Keep a pack on wipes handy for everything from cleaning your hands to quickly removing your makeup.

A cushion compact


Keep your makeup looking flawless on the go by always having a good cushion compact on hand.

Use it to touch-up your foundation or as a non-messy alternative to the liquid foundation while on your vacation.

Face mist

If you plan on flying this summer, you'll need to pay special attention to your skincare as your pores travel between different altitudes.

Avoid falling victim to the super drying air conditions on airplanes by spritzing your face with some mineral-infused H20.

Dry shampoo

Let's face it, at some point while on vacation you may not have the time, energy or accessibility to wash your hair every day.

Keeping a can of quality dry shampoo on hand is the key to your hair looking on point all-trip-long despite skipping wash day.

Lip balm

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We all know that dry in-flight air can lead to the ashiest of skin and we also know that everyone hates ashy lips.

Keep a moisturizing lip balm on hand at all times and avoid unflattering, cracked lips.

For additional vacation protection, choose a lip balm with an SPF to help avoid sunburned lips.

Setting spray

You probably already have this in your makeup bag but even if so, make sure to pack a setting spray that's specifically designed to resist sweat and water.

That way, you can be confident that your makeup won't look a hot mess when you look back at your vacay pics.

Blotting paper

When the sun is beating down and the humidex is on the rise, it can be easy to go from looking virtually flawless to visibly perspiring.

Keep some blotting papers in your makeup bag or purse to help keep your face from looking sweaty and greasy wherever you go.

A great red lipstick

If there's one cosmetic item that you should include in your makeup bag, it should be a good red lipstick.

In a pinch, wearing red lipstick and some dark sunglasses can make you look chic and put-together while barely making an effort.


Another travel makeup bag must-have is concealer.

Look rested and refreshed despite coming straight off a red-eye flight by gently patting a quality concealer into the dark circles underneath your eyes.

Brow pencil

I'm a firm believer that eyebrows, like beards, can completely transform your face when done properly.

Lightly pencil and comb brows into the perfect shape for you and look polished with very little makeup on.


This one goes without saying. Especially for those who may be flying closer to the equator this summer.

A helpful tip to know how long your sunscreen will work is by taking the amount of time it takes your skin to burn in the sun without protection and multiplying that by the amount of SPF on the bottle.

Eye masks

Long, boring flights are the perfect time to play catch up with your self -care.

Bring along some eye masks to use in-flight and keep your skin looking flawless 365.


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Choose one or two great-smelling fragrances to take on your trip with you so you can always smell your best.

You can either bring one for day and another for the night or pick one signature scent to wear throughout the trip.

Your favorite brushes

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Keep your luggage light and avoid packing your entire collection of makeup brushes. The truth is, you likely won't even use a third of them and they'll only end up taking up space.

Instead, pick out no more than 6 essential brushes and to save even more space, choose brushes with dual brush heads.

My recommendations: 1 blush brush, 1 all-over face brush, 1 beauty blender, 2 eyeshadow brushes, and 1 highlighter brush.

A go-to neutral eyeshadow palette

Another way to avoid a cluttered makeup bag is to limit yourself to one face palette.

Find a face palette that features colors that you would normally use and that complement your complexion to take with you wherever you go.