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Zach Galifianakis Is Not The "Nodding Meme Guy": It's Robert Redford And Fans Lost It

Are you ready to be shaken to your core? Because you're about to be, kiddo. You're about to get shaken like your in California on a Sunday.

Too soon? Or too inappropriate?

So it all begins with this:


The nodding meme guy. Often used when you whole-heartedly agree with something, or heck, just want to show your approval of something over the internet.

Or, if you're my friend, over Tinder (you know who you are).

So who is this guy?


Well, it's my professional opinion that it's obviously none other than actor Zach Galifianakis.

I mean, it's all there. The Beard. The kind of chubby body. The silly, obviously for a joke hairstyle.

In fact...


I'm pretty sure I know the character he's playing.

In Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, he plays "personal shopper and spiritual guru" Jim Joe Kelly. I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing in the meme.

So that's it.


Yes, that's another case solved by the Scooby gang.

Yes, we took off the mask only to find it was old man Galifianakis who was actually the Bog creeper... or the nodding meme guy... whatever.

What's that?



The nodding meme guy isn't Zach Galifianakis?


I'm making a fool of myself online again?


I should stop pretending like someone is actually talking to me and get on with the article?

If not him, then who?


Well, Christ, you read the title. I assume.

Yes, it seems that it's none other than actor turned director turned actor again Robert Redford, pictured here in a Marvel movie.

Because of course, he's in one, everyone is.

So where is it from?


Get this: this gif is actually from a 1972 American movie called Jeremiah Johnson, where Redford plays the titular character.

And judging by the aesthetic, I'd say it's a SciFi movie.

Tony, do we have another pic?


There we go. He's looking awful close to Galifianakis in this picture.

Jeez, no wonder people on the internet were confused... then again, they're confused more often than not.

The first people to notice...


Was the website called Splinter and it immediately took the internet by storm.

In all honesty, I forgot that this meme ever existed until Splinter brought it back from beyond the grave.

So obviously....

Twitter went freaking bananas once the news broke.

Human sacrifice, dogs, and cats living together, mass hysteria! It was freaking pandamonium man! Game over, it does not compute, etc, etc.

I, frankly...


Am actually kind of interested in seeing this Jeremiah Johnson.

I love '70s movies and I love Westerns, as I'm sure many of you out there do as well, so this whole story has a pretty good ending for a lot of us.



At least we know that this is actually Zach Galifianakis in this Gif.

Which, hey, now that I think about it, can probably be used to express approval. Hm... do we have a replacement on our tiny hands, people?