10+ Kids Who Deserve An Award For Hilarious Texts To Their Parents

Lex Gabrielle 12 Jul 2019

Kids may act like they know how to use technology more than their parents but sometimes, they do things that are so excessive that we wish they didn't have phones at all.

1. That's great...

Instagram l @kmahvan

Who doesn't love a play-by-play from the bathroom?

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2. Where did she even learn this?!

Instagram l @shutupmoose

What a kidder this one is. Also, great spelling on the "tube."

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3. This hilarious typo.

Instagram l @elizag88

Kids — they spell in the darndest ways.

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4. When there's one question on their minds.

Instagram l @mrs.cavanna

Clearly, this kid has no time for your small talk, mom.

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5. That's one way to negotiate.

Instagram l @meglvr

Little dude knows when to hustle his parents out of some hard earned cash for "pooperscooping."

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6. Gummy worms are the new medicine.

Instagram l @kwlindsey

Obviously, the way to cure any sickness is through sour gummy worms.

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7. MOM

Instagram l @heatherebd

Mom, get the hint! Anastasia is clearly in crisis!

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8. Wait a minute...

Instagram l @allmomdoes

What a sarcastic little one. Elizabeth, you are okay in my book.

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9. Mom, mom, mom!

Instagram l @log_cabin_life

Mom is late, which means that the world is ending or that mom is dead.

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10. This very cute update.

Instagram l @michellelicalzi

Two wobbly teeth? Looks like the tooth fairy is coming soon.

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11. Ha, ha!

Instagram l @meglvr

Pencils and smartness, the two keys to a solid education.

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12. Drama queen alert!

Instagram l @lisawebertk1720

Nothing is better than a dramatic text message from your children about how hungry they are.

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13. Kids just love asking for money, don't they?

Instagram l @ecfroman

Mom, get your act together and pay the kid for his teeth!

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14. This is some creative emoji use.

Instagram l @aelwheeler

This kid is way beyond his time, he knows that chicken farts are so bad that it blows your hair off.

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15. When they discover the camera.

Instagram l @lutefiskcurry

Someone has a foul sense of humor, but I don't hate it.

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