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10+ Summer Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Humid Weather

Summertime can be a great time of year for going on fun adventures and throwing backyard BBQ's but not such a great time for our hair.

High temperatures usually means an increase in humidity and a greater struggle to tame frizzy hair.

Below, we've compiled a list of cute summer hairstyles that can wear in rain or shine and all the humid days in-between.

Messy ponytail

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If humidity is wreaking havoc on your hair, try embracing it by throwing your hair up into a messy ponytail.

Strategically leave a few strands of hair out here and there for the perfect, effortless look.

Beachy waves

If you have naturally wavy hair, or mostly straight hair, you can give yourself a humidity-friendly style right on the beach.

Spritz or sprinkle salt water onto your hair and generously scrunch up your hair to create a mane full of beachy waves.

Wear a headband

Some days we just don't have the time to do much with our hair, and that's where headbands come in handy.

Throw one on and give yourself an instant hairstyle that took literal seconds to pull off.

Box braids

Box braids or single braids are a summer style staple for those with naturally curly hair.

Professionally done braids should last you between 3-6 weeks so you can spend more time enjoying your summer and less time fighting with your hair.

Crown braid

Look like a Greek goddess this summer and swoop your hair up into a braided crown.

Not sure where to start? Check YouTube for tons of simple tutorials on how-to achieve this look.

Throw on a hat.

Summertime is typically associated with simple living and being carefree.

In this case, that means throwing on a stylish hat to quickly handle a bad hair day.

Half-up half-down

Channel your inner Ariana Grande and pull the top half of your hair into a sleek ponytail for an easy frizz-taming look.

Fishtail braid

This braid looks super complicated at a glance but it's actually pretty easy to do once you learn how.

Check out this YouTube tutorial on how to make this pretty fishtail braid.

Ballerina bun

When it gets really hot out, a ballerina bun is perfect for keeping your hair up and out of the way while looking super sophisticated.

Tip: Use a sponge bun form (found at your local beauty supply store) to achieve that perfect bun shape.

Space buns

Bored of ballerina buns?

Space buns are a fun and playful alternative style to try out.

Scarf up-do

There is an endless number of ways that you can style your hair with a scarf.

Simply pick your favorite one and hit the road!

Sleek ponytail

Don't underestimate the power of the pony!

With the right amount of gel and patience, a sleek ponytail can give you a bold, confident look that's far from basic.

Halo Braid

What's great about this style is that its a lot simpler than it looks.

All you need are some basic braid or twisting skills and a handful of clips or bobby pins.

Twisted up-do

You may need a bit more patience to achieve this look but the end result is totally worth it.

Twist up your hair in the back and leave your curls free in the front for a really cute style that can go from day to night.

Embrace your texture

When all else fails, there's nothing wrong with just letting your hair do its thing.

Whether your hair is pin straight, slightly wavy or tightly coiled, don't be afraid to let your hair down and embrace your natural beauty.

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