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The Ultimate Guide To Summer And Self-Care

Summer is officially in full swing and that means the days are getting longer and the days hotter.

While the season usually brings about thoughts of backyard BBQ's and days spent at the beach, it's incorporate self-care into your summer plans as well.

To get you started, here's a look at your ultimate guide to having an amazing self-care-filled summer.

Get outside.

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We all know how amazing it can feel to lounge in an air-conditioned home when it's scorching hot outside but it would do you good to venture out while the weather is still this good.

Even if you just go for a walk around your block, getting outside will do wonders for your mental and physical well-being.

Tone up.

While it's obviously important to remain physically active year-round, it can be especially fun to tone up during the summer.

If going to the gym isn't your thing, get creative and try turning your local playground into an outdoor gym.

Protect your glow.

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Now that the sun's out, it's important to make sure you're getting your glow on without getting burnt.

Invest in quality sunscreen that you can wear daily. If you have acne-prone skin, be sure to pick a non-greasy formula to avoid breakouts.

Stay hydrated.

This is so obvious it should go without saying but so many of us (myself included) seem to forget, so it bears repeating: drink more water!

Especially when it's hot out.

Go to a summer concert.

According to a study by UK music and entertainment venue O2 and Goldsmiths University, it was found that regularly attending concerts boosts your life expectancy.

In fact, the results reveal that just 20 minutes of live music increased participants "feelings of well-being" two-fold compared to doing yoga.

Bonus: A little Google searching should reveal when your city or town is hosting free live concerts!


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If you have some vacation days left to use up, don't just spend them vegging out on the couch binge-watching The Office. Instead, plan a trip to a place you've never been before and watch your life satisfaction improve.

In fact, science has found that traveling can make you feel as happy as the day of your wedding or even having a baby.

Cook with seasonal produce.

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Make your self-care a full-on sensory experience by enjoying the sights and smells you experience while cooking a dish made with fresh summer produce and herbs.

Chill out with a book.

Take advantage of fewer days spent in the office and tackle that growing pile of books that you've been meaning to read.

Even if you're 9-5 days don't stop during the summer, still, schedule in some time on evenings or weekends to selfishly get lost in a book for an hour or two.


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Hitting up Insta-worthy hot spots may be fun and all but there's still nothing quite like the fulfilling feeling of knowing that you used some of your time to help others.

Research different volunteer opportunities in your area and sign-up to whichever one interests you the most. It's a great way to meet new people and you can volunteer for anything from homeless breakfast programs and fundraisers to film festivals and radio street teams.

Get a fresh start.

If you've been dying to Marie Kondo your home, the summer time is the perfect time to do that.

Set aside a weekend to deep clean your home and then open up all of your windows to enjoy the fresh air in your freshly-cleaned abode.

Unplug for a bit.

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Often times the one thing getting in the way of us truly enjoying a self-care-focused summer is staring us right in our face.

Your phone! Break-free from your "need to scroll" addiction and give yourself a break from the digital world. You'll be surprised at how much lighter you'll feel after.

Make a vision board.

Since summer falls right in the middle of the year, now is a great-time to check-in on our goals make sure we're still on the right track.

Get creative and make a vision board with images and words that give you a visual idea of what you want to accomplish by the end of the year.

Pay your doctor a visit.

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If you usually struggle to stay on top of scheduling dentist visits and check-ups at the doctor's office, the summer is a great time to get caught up.

Make it a habit to schedule at least one check-up every summer and take another small step towards taking better care of your health.

Be spontaneous!

Sometimes some of the most memorable summer days are the ones that were completely unplanned.

Allow time in your schedule to wake up and let your curiosity guide your day and see if it finds you at a drive-in theatre or on an impromptu day trip.

Take a splash!

Research has found that spending more time in water can help you reach a meditative state called "blue mind."

This meditative state induces feelings of happiness, calmness, and unity so head to your nearest beach or swimming pool and find your zen!