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10+ Beautifully Unique Orchids That Are Natural Works Of Art

As long as I can remember I've admired plants and flowers. I think nature is just incredible when it gives us such beautiful and often unique species.

One of my favorite flowers are orchids and I had no idea there were so many different varieties of them. And to my surprise, some of them resemble animals and others are like works of art.

1. Monkey Orchid

I recently wrote about a special orchid called Dracula simia, which when you look at it totally resembles a monkey face. How cool and slightly weird is that? Ha, ha!

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It's a species native to Southwestern parts of Ecuador and Peru. And if its looks weren't cool enough it also gives off a scent of a ripe orange. Quite amazing.

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2. Bee Orchid

If you weren't blown away by the monkey face orchid, get ready for this little bug-like flower. This orchid resembles a bee and it looks stunning.

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3. Bird’s Head Orchid

This pretty to look at orchid is called the Pink Moth Orchid and it resembles a little bird’s head guarding the nectar on the flower.

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4. Dove Orchid

The Holy Ghost orchid, as it's lovingly named, also looks like it has a little gem inside that resembles a peaceful little dove. How precious.

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Wow, imagine waiting for this flower to bloom, only to be completely surprised when you see this pretty little dove inside?

What a gem.

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5. White Egret Orchid

If you're a bird lover you'll immediately notice the resemblance of this orchid to the bird of the same name with its fluffy white feathers.

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6. Flying Duck Orchid

OMG, how absolutely cute is this tiny orchid that, at only 50 centimeters high, totally looks like a duck? It's native to Eastern and Southern Australia.

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7. Fly Orchid

This clever little orchid looks very similar to an actual fly and is able to attract insects to pollinate it. It grows in woodlands and grasslands.

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8. Cockleshell Orchid

This funky named orchid is also known as the clamshell orchid because its pseudobulbs look like hoods growing from the plant which resemble a clamshell.

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9. Tulip Orchid

This unusual orchid is also known as a cradle orchid because it looks like it has a baby in a cradle. What amazing things nature can do.

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10. Naked Man Orchid

Say what? Yes, you heard that right. I mean just look at this flower, doesn't it resemble a little naked man, lol? This is too funny.

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11. Hammer Orchid

This intrestingly named orchid looks like it has a hammer attached to it. It's found mainly between Perth and Albany in Australia in sandy and swampy areas.

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Whoa, who knew there were so many cool looking orchids out there?

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I certainly haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to this unique plant. And they're all beautiful.

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