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Create One Giant Camping Community With These Linking Tents

Those who love to camp know that it's so much more enjoyable to camp with a crowd of close pals. I remember going camping with my friend's family who would book multiple campsites all next to one another for their friends and family, and it was the best time.

With these linking tents, not only will the whole gang get to stay on the same property, but you'll all be living in one giant tent suite full of fun.

These linking tents are brought to you by the company POD Tents.

POD Tents

These tents are sold individually, but can be attached together by using tunnels that connect to the doorways.

There are two tents: the POD Tent Mini Elite and the POD Maxi Elite.

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The POD mini is $650 and sleeps up to four people, while the POD Maxi is $899, super spacious, and can sleep eight people.

These tents are pretty simple to set up and only need two people to do so.

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There is nothing worse than trying to figure out which pole goes where, and the POD Tent makes it more simple with eight matching poles.

These would also be so perfect to use for a camping music festival with all your friends!

POD Tents

If you're an avid or annual camper who is all about a good setup, these might just be the new investment for your camping adventures.

Check out the website if you're ready to seriously step up your camping game.

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