10+ Kids Who Aren't The Brightest But They Are Hilarious

There are times when kids will absolutely astound you with their knowledge. They are young, but man, sometimes they are really smart.

Then, there are other times where you wonder where the heck they get their ideas from. Like all of us, kids can have ideas or thoughts aren't the smartest things in the world, but they are pretty funny to laugh at.

What are the chances?

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Obviously, this little kid doesn't know that he's missing, which makes it 10x funnier that he feels special for being called out (or, that he's also named Titus).

Sibling love (or something like that).

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Saturday mornings are nothing without your kids pretending to steal air that is everyone's, but your daughter feeling hung up on the fact that your son is stealing "her air."

Awww... poor kid.

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"He didn't wanna eat dinner so I put these pjs on him while he was asleep n when he woke up I told him he starved to death and now he's sad."

I like this name way more anyways.

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Parenting is nothing if you don't start off teaching them all their letters and their animals first and foremost. If not, they'll go into school thinking that everything is something else.


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Seriously, how do you answer such a ridiculous and insane question? Honestly, I would do it just to see the kid's reaction to having a slice of turkey in the DVD player.


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Sometimes, kids think geese are dogs — it happens. Don't go judging.

How to explain this to little ones?

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Kids don't understand that tattoos are permanent pieces of art sometimes, so they think you just put them on your body every single day when you go out.

Does she even know what that means?


This little girl had the perfect reaction to the new baby her parents were bringing into their family. Witty and brilliant, 10/10.

But... how?!

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Clearly, this kid really wanted that stuffed animal more than anything in the word. But, how the heck did he get in there and how the heck is he getting out?

Band-aids cure everything, right?

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This little girl said she had a sore throat and knew the perfect way to cure it by placing a bandaid over her booboo.

Okay, why didn't I think of this?

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This little girl insisted on bringing a bad to the store but little did her momma know it was filled with cheese puffs — snacking on the go, perfect.

How else do you kiss a dolphin?

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"Atlantis Dolphin Bay Instructor: "Gently kiss the dolphin"

My nephew:"

Don't leave your shopping list unattended.

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"My brother & his wife left a shopping list unattended, their 6-year-old son got to it, and ..." Amazing.

That's one way to do it.

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"This little guy told his Dad that he wanted to learn how to train his dog and his Dad said there were lots of dog training videos on YouTube. So here he is, showing them to the dog!"

A PSA about taking kids to restaurants.


Asking a little girl to use her good table manners and sit like a lady means...well...this.

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