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All My Single People Put Your Hands Up

When you're newly single, it's hard to remember how to flirt or look at anyone you find even mildly attractive. I don't know what the science is surrounding it, but it's just a fact.

As someone who has been single for many moons, I know this feeling all too well.

Welcome to this episode of 'True Life: I Can't Look At Anyone In The Eyes Who I Am Attracted To.'

When I signed up for a gym membership last year in my hometown, I remember spotting a very good looking personal trainer.


But there came a point where I would accidentally work out next to him (I swear by coincidence!), and I just could not look up. I became oddly nervous and shy????

Like, is this grade two? S.O.S.

I'm trying to work through it now, because I will tell you from experience, straight up ignoring or not looking at people you find attractive won't lead you anywhere.

The end.

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