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Khloé Kardashian Had The Best Response To A Fan Who Dragged Her For 'Excessive Spending'

When it comes to the Kardashians, they let a lot of negative comments roll off their perfectly bronzed shoulders.

But go trollin' after their kids?


It's all over, fam.

This is especially the case when it comes to new mom, Khloé.

She always defends baby True with the best Khloe klapbacks — and this recent one is no exception.

When it comes to the Kardashians, no one is safe.

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They will clapback if needed — and deliver it savagely at that.

Like the rest of the fam, sister Khloé has dealt with fair share of trolls.

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This was especially the case this past year.

All of her relationship drama with ex Tristan Thompson was aired out for the world to see.

Together, the exes share baby True. It was a sad day when trolls even came for True's appearance.

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Ugh. This is a new low. Calling a baby ugly.


This awoke Khloé's protective mama side as she delivered a scathing response.

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Go, KoKo!

Unfortunately, there's been more hate when it comes to her daughter.

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Trolls were also making racist remarks about True who is half black.

Instead of reacting with words, Khloé delivered a silent but powerful response.

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She disabled comments on any photo of True for a while.

These trolls are why we can't have nice things.

Recently, the haters were sippin' on that haterade again when Khloé posted this cute video.

It's of True living her best life by riding in a Bentley toy car.

If only we were that lucky.

It caused this fan to drag not only Khloé, but the whole Kardashian fam, for their "excessive spending."

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It's a bold statement, but definitely not an unpopular one.

Khloé's response matched shade with shade, as she started out pretty defensively.

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"Ummm you know this is not a real Bentley? It’s a toy."

"No reason to be sad over a baby in a toy car," she continued.

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Then, the single mama changed her tune by ending the comment on a sort of positive note?

"Either way I’m sorry you feel that way but I hope you have a great weekend!"

The fan must have felt very seen, since he ended up being a lot nicer in his second response.

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He started out by thanking Khloé for responding.

Then, he said that his comment was just something to "think about."

He also said that Khloé has “so much influence” and that there are “always ways we can improve as people.”

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Khloé took this well, as she seemed to get where the fan was coming from.

"I appreciate this! I appreciate this message more than your first.. I’m able to digest what you have to say because of how you stated it. I hear you."

As a true Kardashian, she also defended her family and their choices.

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She said that she doesn't think that all her and family do is "spend money on worthless materialism."

Then she added that, yes, she *does* spoil her daughter.

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But not with just material things.

"She will be also raised with values, responsibilities, chores, respect, self love," Khloé said.

She said that her and her family "work hard" for their money and that they can spend however they choose.

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She ended on a positive note by saying she wants “to lead with love above everything else.”

We're so happy that these two worked it out!

And that both parties handled everything with class!

Maybe after all this, they'll even be friends and Khloé can throw a toy Bentley this fan's way?