11+ Clever Ways To Stash Your Valuables Around Your Home

People treat their houses like their domain and that's especially true when it comes to hiding valuables and important stuff. I'm sure you too have a secret hiding place where you have some really important documents stashed.

Here's a list of places other people have hidden their stuff to give you even more ideas. You're welcome.

1. Hidden Wall Outlet Safe


Wow, this is so clever I've never would have thought of having this as a hiding spot. This is pretty genius if you ask me.

2. Secret Picture Frame


Ha, ha, ha. This is so cool. I get that you can hide stuff behind a picture frame but this one is much more sophisticated. Nice.

3. Flower Pot With Hidden Compartment


This is such a neat idea. I mean I really don't think anyone would look under a flower pot like this. Right?

4. Thermometer Hide-A-Key


Such an interesting way to store all your spare keys. And this is an actual working thermometer as well. This is super useful and cool.

5. Diaper Hiding Spot


If you ever watched Three Men And A Baby you already know hiding stuff in a diaper is a thing, lol. But this is intense.

6. Toilet Paper Spring Bar

The Family Handyman

I have to admit this has me going, 'wow'. What a conspicuous way to hide money lol. Ain't nobody going to look in there.

7. Under The Fridge Compartment


I'm super impressed by this hiding place. I think I might actually start doing that. As long as your stuff is in a plastic bag, it works.

8. Tile Hiding Spot


Now your thief would have to be some kind of special MacGyver to figure out there was a hidden tile compartment in your bathroom, right?

9. Fake Deck Of Cards


This idea will definitely come in handy when you're traveling so you can stash some cash and not worry about it. Pretty cool, huh?

10. Air-Return Stash


This is such a good place to stash quite a bit of stuff and chances are nobody would actually bother to look there. I'm loving this idea.

11. Pillow Stash


Well, what do you know you could be sitting by a fortune next time you go visit your grandma and take a rest on her couch. Ha, ha.

12. Fish Tank Hidden Compartment


They say hide stuff where nobody will look and you've got that right here. I don't think anybody will bother the fishies, do you?

8. Fooled Ya Jar


How awesome is this idea of getting an empty toilet paper roll to stick inside a jar and filling the rest with beans or food?

With these cool and clever hiding places ideas, I'm sure you can rest assured that you can fool any thieves and keep your stuff away from their grabby paws.

These ideas are actually pretty smart!