19 Pics That Show How Makeup Can Completely Transform A Person

Makeup can truly transform a person. It can be used to hide imperfections, smooth out your skin tone, and bring out the true beauty inside of you.

I admire those who are able to use makeup in a way that makes a person look better and in turn give them more confidence. The following looks show just that.

Even skin, smooth tones, and gorgeously done eye shadow.

What more can you ask for? This is such a splendid look that really shows off this lady's best features.

How pretty does this girl look?

With this light, soft and subtle makeup job she is definitely ready to rock her prom. And how great for her.

What a difference a good smoky eye can do for a person? Huh?

I need someone to teach me how to do my eye shadow like that.

Every bride wants to look extra good on her special day. .

And sometimes skin issues can pop up unexpectedly. With a great makeup artist, you don't have to worry.

Whether you're looking for that sophisticated look or just want to look more mature, makeup can surely do so for you.

Just check out this beautiful transformation.

There are days that you feel like going makeup-free and there are those days that you need that flawless complexion.

Either way, you can still look amazing.

Sometimes you might be looking for something extra and what better way than to do it with your eyes.

This eye shadow job is really something else.

Why settle for looking plain on that special day of your friend's wedding when you can wow with your makeup?

Her cheekbones are popping!

As I said before, makeup doesn't necessarily have to be bold and harsh.

There are times when all you need is a little touch-up and ta-da! This lady is looking lovely.

You don't have to stick with the typical color palette when it comes to makeup.

Why not take a chance on something more interesting like this pop of yellow?

Here's another lovely bride who's definitely ready for her close-up now that she's got her wedding makeup on point.

I'm loving that red lipstick on her. Don't you?

On those days that you feel bold enough to try something different with your look, why not go for colorful and fierce eye shadow like this?

How gorgeous!

Sometimes all you really need is for your eyebrows to be properly defined and that in itself can totally change up your whole face.

That and some fierce lashes.

Having flawless and even skin tone can sometimes be challenging but a great makeup job can surely fix up all those imperfections.

She looks all cleaned up here.

Every bride wants to have some special glow on her wedding day. I know I do.

So I'm totally digging this subtle put pretty in pink makeup.

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and boy, are they right.

With a properly defined eye color, your face will definitely light up.

17. Nobody wants to show off their imperfections on a special day like their wedding. So getting your makeup done right is the best thing to do.

Smile away.

Makeup can effectively play up your best features and hide what you don't like to see.

This lady's inner and outer beauty is on full display here. Simply beautiful.

And here's another gorgeous bridal transformation that's meant for the books.

I absolutely love how this bride went from plain to looking like an absolute princess. Wow!

Some people are in love with their freckles and don't mind showing them.

Others feel much more comfortable with a subtle makeup job that focuses on their best features.

21. When you're experiencing a little redness especially on your nose area, (I can relate to this, by the way) makeup can hide it perfectly.

Complete your look with a bold eyeshadow.

These makeup transformations are absolutely stunning.

I'm always in awe when I see people going from plain to wow in just a short time. I gotta up my makeup game.