Halo Top And Subway Are Testing Low-Calorie Milkshakes All Summer Long

Amy Pilkington 5 Jul 2019

Can I just say that the growth of Halo Top and other low-calorie ice cream brands is the best thing to happen to my dairy-loving waistline in a long time?

Sure, we've had ice cream alternatives like frozen yogurt for a while, but they just aren't the same.

Is Halo Top exactly the same? No, but it's the closest in texture and tastes damn good.

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Have I eaten entire pints of their Pancakes and Waffles flavor? Yes, but that pint had fewer calories than the muffins stocked in the Diply office break room.

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Still, sometimes you want a milkshake and besides making your own, there are few low-calorie options.


Not anymore!

Halo Top has partnered with Subway to test their new milkshake offerings this summer.

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It kind of makes sense as a partnership.

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In the hierarchy of fast food options, Subway leans closer to the healthy side and promotes themselves as such.

So when adding some treat options to their menu, it makes sense that they'd look for a partnership that fit the brand.

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This is just a test, though, so if you love the idea, you need to go buy a few.

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The shakes will be available in almost 1,000 Subway locations around the country, but only from July 22 - September 4.

Of course, they come in the three classic milkshake flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

I know I'm going to try all three before the summer's out!

h/t: Cosmopolitan

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