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8+ Celebs Who Should Definitely Be Considered To Play Prince Eric In 'The Little Mermaid'

Now that Ariel has been cast in the The Little Mermaid (to totally unfair controversy), our attention has turned to Eric:

The chiseled chin dreamboat many of us had a crush on growing up.

Since Disney hasn't released any official decision yet, Twitter has been running rampant with speculation.

So much so that they threw these 8+ celebs hats' in the ring.

We can totally get on board with these picks.

Our childhood dreams came true when Disney announced that they were creating a live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid".

It's going to be a whole new world seeing our favorite characters come to life.

And we couldn't be more excited!

"The Little Mermaid" follows the trend of Disney re-creating live-action versions of our favorite flicks.

YouTube | Walt Disney Studios

This includes Aladdin and the highly-anticipated movie, The Lion King, which hits theatres July 19.

So far, it features a "rumored" star-studded cast.

Only Ariel has been confirmed so far.

Although, it's seeming very possible that Melissa McCarthy will play Ursula!

Jacob Tremblay from Room and Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina are also reportedly in talks.

If so, to voice Flounder and Scuttle.

Speaking of Ariel, the actress who will be portraying the iconic mermaid was announced earlier this week.

Instagram | chloexhalle

Nineteen-year-old actress/singer, Halle Bailey (not Berry) will be stepping into the mermaid's tail.

She took to social media shortly after the exciting news was released.

It's a "dream come true," indeed, for the young star who has acted on the TV series Blackish.

She's also one half of the musical duo "Chloe x Halle" with her sister.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of backlash towards Halle being chosen to play Ariel.

This included a lot of racist comments from people who are calling Halle #NotMyAriel.

To them, this is because she doesn't "match" the cartoon description of Ariel i.e white skin, red hair.

One user even got blocked from Halle for their racist comments.

Go, Halle!

People need to seriously get over it.

The world would be a better place if they all just listened to this beautiful video of Halle singing.

She is #MyAriel.

Now, one huge question remains: who the heck is playing Eric?

Fans have been speculating online over who it's going to be!

Here, we've rounded up the top nine picks!

1) Shawn Mendes

Twitter | @seesawselena

Damn, I see it!

Plus, the boy can sing.

2) Harry Styles and Idris Elba as King Triton

Getty Images | Steve Granitz

There's so much to digest with this tweet.

But let's just say a big giant YAAASS to all of the above

3) Charles Melton

This Riverdale actor is totally Prince material.

4) Park Jimin

How could we not see it?

Plus, he totally has that perfect hair down already.

5) Nyle DiMarco ‏

Twitter | @NyleDiMarco

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 winner, Nyle DiMarco just tossed his hat in the ring.

And to answer his question, heck yes, we would totally accept him as Eric.

6) Michael B. Jordan

We totally ship this.

7) Rome Flynn

This Bold and the Beautiful star understands romance from his soap opera days.

9) Richard Madden

After his unfortunate ending in Game of Thrones, this actor deserves redemption!

8) Lee Donghae

Twitter | @hyukjerry

The support for Lee Donghae is insane.

He's rocking that white shirt like it's no one's business.

Who do you want to play Eric?

Let us know in the comments!