Everything We Know About Season 3 Of '13 Reasons Why'

Since 2017 13 Reasons Why has split audiences in terms of reactions and reception.

Regardless of negative reviews, 13 Reasons Why will be returning.

Some praise the show's bravery.



For addressing topics such as suicide and sexual assault. Others are more critical of how they are handled.

1. Protests


Despite facing backlash and several petitions against it, 13 Reasons Why will return for a third season later this year.

2. Season 3


Fans speculate that season 3 will pick up right where season 2 left off.

Some are even saying it will continue just a few minutes after where season 2 ended.

3. Release Date


Netflix has stated that season 3 will release late this October 2019.

So get ready to binge during Halloween season.

4. Leak

Zach Prusak took to twitter and in his excitement to celebrate season 3.

He leaked the release month earlier than he was meant to.

5. Trailer

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As is Netflix's policy, fans will have to wait until one month before the release of season 3 for the first trailer.

It should arrive sometime in late July.

6. Hannah Baker

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Season 3 will not include a new set of tapes from Hannah, but will still follow the characters as they deal with the events of both season 1 and 2.

This is what prompted Katherine Langford to bid an emotional goodbye to her character.

She did so on Instagram.

She won't be part of season 3, even through flashbacks.

7. Hot Topics


Showrunners of 13 Reasons Why have never avoided sensitive topics which lead to controversy and critique.

So we can expect more of the same from season 3.

8. Teen Pregnancy

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One such controversial topic has been teen pregnancy.

Season 2 ended with Chloe discovering she is pregnant. Will she keep it?

9. Tyler Down

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Last season ended on the controversial note of Devin Druid's character attempting to execute a mass shooting at the characters high school prom.

10. Returning Cast


The cast from season 2 will most likely remain the same to carry out their storylines.

But we can't rule anything out just yet.

11. New Cast


Fans suspect that Riverdale's Hart Denton may join the 13 Reasons Why cast for season 3.

However, there is no confirmation yet.

12. Book Basis


As season 1 of 13 Reasons Why covered all the available material from Jay Asher's book by the same title, we have nothing but season 2 to base speculation of future story lines.

Are you excited?


There will seemingly always be controversy surrounding the show, but all press is good press!